Welcome to the Veterans Center

The Veterans Resource and Support Center exists to retain and graduate military-connected students by delivering programs and services designed to recruit, retain, and support military-connected students as they pursue their education goals and the achievement of skills needed to lead productive and meaningful lives.

The term “military-connected students” includes military veterans, active-duty military personnel, reservist, guard or dependents who may be utilizing educational benefits of a member of the armed forces. 


Effective Spring 2019 there will be a change in how your classes are certified and paid from the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. After experiencing record processing delays in the Fall 2018 term, and with the recommendation of the Utah Department of Veterans Affairs Education Representative your Tuition and Fees will be "zero cost certified". This will prevent further delays in processing and ensure that your allowances for books and housing will disburse with minimum wait time.

What this means to you: Your education benefits will be reported to the VA for all classes and credits taken at a charge of $0.00. Once the add/drop date passes (22JAN2019) your charges will be reported via the VA reporting system and payment will be requested on your behalf. Because the dollar amount will not be reported until then, excessive debts created from changes to course enrollment should be eliminated. Your SUU account balance will remain due while the school waits for payment from the VA. Any late fees you incur will be removed upon of receipt of funding and will you not be liable for fees incurred as a result of VA processing. You will continue to be notified by the cashier's office of your outstanding balance. Any Financial aid funds you are entitled to will apply to your overall student balance, once payment has been received by the school, surplus funds will be returned to you (where applicable). You may check the status of your application for certification at any time, Here. Approved, send to next level, Zero cost certified, and application completed are all conditions in which a "drop for non-payment" hold has been placed on your account, and you are in no danger of being removed from your classes. Please let us know if you have any questions, and Welcome back T-Birds!