Veterans Resource and Support Center

Welcome to the Veterans Center

Southern Utah University's Veterans Center processes Veteran Education Benefits for approval by the Veterans Administration. This is called "certifying".

In addition to certifying, the Veterans Center advises current and prospective students about their benefits and about SUU overall.

Veteran Students and Veteran-Beneficiary Students (dependents receiving benefits under the Transfer of Eligibility (TOE) option or through other means) are provided the same level of service by the Veterans Center

Please contact us for more information on your particular situation.

Awarding Military Credit

Students wishing to receive academic credit for prior military courses will need to:

  1. Provide an official Joint Services Transcript (ACE Transcript) to the Admissions Office;
  2. Meet with an academic adviser to determine if applying the military credit is in the student's best interest, noting that the student may apply ALL or NONE of the credit;

Submit a signed Joint Services Credit Request form to the Registrar's Office. To complete the form, the student will need to meet with their academic adviser and SUU's Director of Veterans Affairs to discuss possible benefits and pitfalls of applying this credit to their records. Once the credit has been applied, it cannot be removed. This may have future financial and academic ramifications.