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Aviation Program Information Related to VA Education Benefit Recipients

SUU offers Professional Pilot Programs in both Bachelor's and Associate's Degree programs of study.

As with all programs of study, the VA prohibits new student enrollments into programs of study where the ratio of students using VA Education Benefits to students not using VA Education Benefits is greater than 85 to 15. For example, if there are 100 students in an aviation program no more than 85 of those students can be using VA Education Benefits to pay for the program.

SUU reports the number of VA and non-VA students in all programs of study each semester in accordance with VA directives. The VA assesses those numbers and determines whether a program is "approved" or "suspended" for accepting new students.

SUU's Current VA Status for Aviation Programs of Study

Suspended Programs:

  • BIS USBU (Aviation Related)
  • BS GS Business (Aviation Related)

Approved Programs:

  • AAS Aviation Technology - Professional (Fixed or Rotor)

Note: Our suspended programs are anticipated to remain suspended through AT LEAST the 2016-2017 academic year (through July 2017).

SUU's Rotor-Wing Program Waiting List for VA Education Benefit Users

Because of the extremely high demand for our aviation programs, there are over 100 prospective Veteran Students on the Rotor-Wing Wait List. Moving to Cedar City or attending classes at SUU (even in an aviation program) will not improve your position on the wait list.

How to get on the Wait List:

Applicants are placed on the wait list after they have met all admission requirements including the FAA Medical Certification. Exception: If students decide to take academic classes while waiting for the approval to fly, they may be placed on the wait list without the medical certificate; but they will not be considered for admission to the aviation program until the medical certificate has been received and they will not receive VA education benefits while taking classes in a VA-suspended program of study.

How to find out your place on the Wait List:

SUU cannot provide you with an estimate of when you will be in a position on the wait list that results in an offer of admission. This is due to multiple unknown and uncontrollable variables that affect the timing of offers, when/if those ahead of you will accept their offers, and when/how-many "self-pay" (non-VA Education Benefit) students enter our aviation programs. If you contact us about your position on the wait list we will tell you what it is at that time but we will make no attempt to guess how fast the list is moving.