Web Services Department

Web Site Roadmap

These are some of the projects that we're working on — or that we hope to work on soon.

Ongoing Changes

Accessibility. By law, SUU's website must meet a certain level of accessibility compliance. We are fixing issues site-wide to help make our site more user-friendly.

  • As of Jan. 2017: We are gradually converting all pages on the site to a new template that adds support for more rows and columns.
  • As of Aug. 2016: We are converting department faculty/staff pages to a new page type that automatically synchronizes with employee information in their mySUU profiles and their HR records.

Future Changes

  • June 2018: A patterns and components section will be added to the Web Services page to provide examples of elements that can be added to pages upon request.
  • Mid 2018: Interactive elements (dropdown menus, accordions, modals, etc.) are being upgraded to improve performance and user experience.
  • TBA: Carousels (also known as image slideshows) will be phased out once a replacement is ready. New pages that request carousels will be required to use the replacement instead.

Past Changes

  • June 2018: New dropdown menus and accordions implemented.
  • June 8, 2017: Updated to Cascade 8.4.
  • March 1, 2017: New showcase module for news stories implemented on the SUU home page. This improves accessibility and usability.
  • Jan. 9, 2017: New page creation was restricted to prepare for the Cascade 8 upgrade and to improve accessibility. You can submit an update request if you need a new page.
  • Sept. 2016: Web Services began using the JotForm service to create online forms. Many online forms have been converted to JotForm, and it has become the preferred method for creating our online forms.
  • Early 2016: The main web server was replaced by a new system with a load balancer. This caused some ongoing issues, but all known bugs from this change have been fixed.