Name: Dan Qi

Personal Information个人介绍:
Master of Public Administration 公共管理硕士在读
Graduate Assistantship For International Student Recruitment国际留学生招生助理

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嗨, 大家好, 我叫祁丹.目前是公共管理硕士在读.很高兴能在这里分享自己在南犹他大学的学习经验.在入南犹他大学前,我在一家公司里上班做市场策划, 2014年1月开始上学. 

目前我蛮喜欢这里的学习环境和活跃的课堂气氛. 这里中国学生不是很多, 有助于提高英语及学习当地文化. 作为独自在外的留学生来说, 安全是最重要的. 当然, 这里的社会治安非常好.
另外, 我很喜欢这附近的国家公园, 这些峡谷十分壮观!

Hi, my name is Dan Qi from China. It’s nice to share my experience about Southern Utah University.  I worked for a company as a marketing manager before I started school in January 2014. 

I enjoy the nice study context and activated classes at SUU. It’s a good place to learn English and regional culture because there are not too many Chinese students here. As an international student far from my home country, safety is most important. Certainly it is safe here.  Also I like the National Parks around here, these canyons are so amazing.