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Math/Actuarial Science

Actuaries are experts in using mathematical models to solve problems that involve financial risk. They achieve professional status by passing a sequence of actuarial exams, and the mathematics program at SUU, with an emphasis in actuarial science, provides students the expertise necessary to pass the first two actuarial exams.


  • Successful students should be able to pass the first and second professional exams from the Society of Actuaries. This is enough to begin work as an Actuary, then you can continue to pass exams as you work
  • A grant to Professor Andreas Weingartner from the Society of Actuaries helps pay for SUU student exam fees
  • Professor Andreas Weingartner, an associate of the Society of Actuaries and SUU Math faculty member, assists students individually and in small groups to prepare for upcoming actuarial exams
  • We offer excellent campus employment of SUU math students as graders, math lab tutors, teaching assistants and research assistants
  • Small classes assure one-on-one personalized attention


Many actuaries work in the financial services sector, for insurance companies, banks and retirement agencies. Others work for consulting firms or for government organizations.


The Department of Mathematics is equipped with a tutoring lab; access to several computer labs with several computer algebra systems including Mathematica, MatLab and Maple as well as Geometer’s Sketchpad software; and access to the SUU supercomputer cluster and state-of-the-art classrooms.

The Center for Applied Research and Advanced Technologies (CARAT) is a collaborative effort among southern Utah manufacturing businesses, community members and the College of Computing, Integrated Engineering and Technology at Southern Utah University.


SUU Math Club



Name: Devin Wiggins

Graduated: Class of 2010

Current job: Actuarial Student at New York Life

“The personalization the SUU Math Department provided during my college experience was phenomenal. All of my teachers were so willing to work with me on a one-on-one basis. They provided me with opportunities to assistant teach in and grade for classes, tutor fellow students, and participate in multiple research projects. Their influence helped me obtain two amazing internship experiences that have led to my full-time job offer. At SUU, I felt like I was set up to succeed from the very beginning.”

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