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Mathematics/Pure Math

The bachelor of science degree in pure mathematics is for those seeking a challenging course of study and a highly rewarding career path. Mathematics is currently among the most successful academic paths, according to the 2009 Jobs Rated Almanac, which lists the top three careers as 1) mathematician, 2) actuary and 3) statistician. Coursework for all three of these lucrative professions is offered right here in the Math Department at SUU. We also offer an Actuarial Science emphasis.


  • 100% of our mathematics students who apply to graduate school are accepted to a graduate program of their choosing.
  • Small classes at SUU assure one-on-one personal attention; the upper-level average class size is 12 students.
  • Over the last three years, 94% of our majors placed above the 25th percentile in the ETS national exit exam.
  • We offer excellent campus employment of SUU math students as graders, math lab tutors, teaching assistants and research assistants.


Actuary, air traffic controller, architect, astronaut, attorney, budget analyst, cartographer, climatologist, college professor, economist, epidemiologist, forensic analyst, market research analyst, mathematical biophysicist/physicist, national security analyst, statistician, urban planner


The Department of Mathematics is equipped with a tutoring lab; access to several computer labs with several computer algebra systems including Mathematica, MatLab and Maple as well as Geometer’s Sketchpad software; and access to the SUU supercomputer cluster and state-of-the-art classrooms.


The Math Club sponsors several campus events, including research presentations, study sessions, competition preparation and more.



Name: W. Evan Johnson

Graduated: Class of 2002 (Double major in Math and Physics)

Current job: Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University

“I received personal attention from my professors and was able to get to know them well while I was at SUU. I received invaluable counseling and direction that still influences my career in a positive way today. As I entered my graduate programs at BYU and Harvard, I was as well-prepared or better prepared than most my peers, many of whom had attended some of the top-ranked schools in the country. I’d recommend SUU’s math program to anyone.”

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