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Hometown: Monticello, UT (Southeastern Utah)

Degrees: B.S. in Communication (minor in Political Science) 1998 - Southern Utah University
M.A. Educational Leadership 2000 - University of Nebraska
Ph.D. Educational Leadership 2004 - University of Nebraska

Favorite Building on Campus: Gerald R. Sherratt Library. I was a student at SUU when the Library was built and dedicated. Each time I go into the Library, I am flooded with a lot of great memories of my time at SUU as a student. The design is distinctive and timeless.

What little known fact about SUU do you like to share most? SUU has a very high job and graduate school placement rate. 97% of recent graduates find a job before or soon after graduation. Over the last 15 years, SUU has enjoyed an 80% acceptance rate into medical school and a 90% acceptance rate into Law School.

Favorite Quote: "Whate'er thou art; act well thy part" -- Robert Burns

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy, running, cycling, being with my family, cooking, cars, travel and tennis.

Favorite Place to Eat in Cedar City: I really enjoy Mexican food. Lupita's and Don Miguel's are two of my local favorites.

People would be surprised to know that: I own a Scottish Kilt and love to wear it.

Best bit of advice for students looking for a college/university? If you have the chance to attend a residential campus like SUU (versus a commuter campus) grab the opportunity. Your experience at a school where the majority of students live on or near campus will be richer and more meaningful. I would also encourage students to visit campus for a tour. It is one of the best ways to see if a school is a good fit for you.

Most embarrassing "college" moment: As an experienced senior at SUU, I misread my schedule at the beginning of the semester and walked into the wrong class. After a few minutes, I realized the mistake and had to walk out of the class with a very red face.

Years working at SUU: 9 years

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Stephen Allen
(435) 865-8499

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