Explore a Meaningful Career in Behavioral Health

Start exploring what a career in behavioral health might look like by taking the three online short courses that make up the Behavioral Health Foundations Certificate. The courses have been designed for busy adults by SUU faculty and informed by industry professionals due to the high demand for entry-level workers in this growing and meaningful field. Take online coursework from anywhere!

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Jobs in Behavioral Health are in High-demand


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"The foundation of quality residential treatment begins with our staff, and the foundation of quality staff begins with training."

-Dr. Jack Hinman

Courses Included in the Certificate Program

Behavioral Health digital badgeThe four-week Introduction to Behavioral Health course dives into the world of mental health professions, exploring roles, functions and responsibilities in various mental health professions. This course will introduce you to common mental health issues, emphasizing the vital importance of mental health awareness. You'll also gain essential skills and strategies to support individuals facing mental health challenges, ensuring you're well-equipped for success.

Network and Cloud Security digital badgePersonal Preparation for a Behavioral Health Career takes six weeks to complete. You’ll learn the skills and self-awareness necessary to begin a rewarding career in behavioral health and social sciences. This course focuses on self-assessment, goal setting, cognitive and behavioral strategies for academic success, whole health integration, resilience-building, professional networking and career preparedness.

Defensive Security digital badgeThe pathway culminates with the Virtual Job Shadowing course. This immersive experience into the mental/behavioral health field will allow you to further explore career options, practice developmental skills and build career readiness through virtual exposure to industry experts. This course is your bridge from education to a dynamic and fulfilling career.

Any treatment facility, medical clinic, hospital or other mental health services organization may be interested in using the short courses as useful training for new staff, especially those new to working in this critical and evolving industry. Coursework will include essential skills to help students become more empathetic, boundaried, ethical and successful in addressing behavioral, emotional and social concerns.

Those wondering how to get a job in behavioral health can start today by enrolling in the Behavioral Health Foundations Certificate program. This is a field where you can make a significant impact by dedicating time to understanding and addressing the personal needs of clients. Traits of exceptional behavioral health and psychiatric technicians include a sincere commitment to aiding others, embodying ethics, kindness and remarkable empathy. Let SUU help you learn and land your first job in this important field.

The Behavioral Health Foundations Certificate serves as a starting point for entry-level staff and those new to the field. SUU is pleased to offer additional ways for you to continue learning and work toward educational and career goals.

Behavioral Health Technician

"I want to work in this field so that I can make a positive impact on the people around me."

-Eponine McClellan


Prepare for Industry Exams

If you want to prepare for the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) and American Association of Psychiatric Technicians Level 1 exams, SUU has partnered with CareerStep to offer self-paced, online learning modules that cover the information you need to successfully take the industry-recognized certifications. You’ll get 12 months of full access to take the time you need to get ready for your exams.

Prepare for the Exam

To express interest in the Behavioral Health Foundations Certificate or if you have any questions, email prodev@suu.edu.