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SUU T-Bird Collegiate Plate

SUU Collegiate license plates are a great way to show support for Southern Utah University! Your Collegiate plate will cost $25 more each year than the standard Utah plate. Your yearly donation will go directly to SUU scholarships and is a fantastic way to show school pride, receive additional parking benefits, and is a great marketing tool for your alma mater. Get your license plate today by visiting any State of Utah Department of Motor Vehicles.

SUU Collegiate Plate


There have been changes made as to the use of the Collegiate Plate program on campus. As of August 2013, Collegiate Plates alone no longer allow for parking in any lot. If you have a Collegiate Plate and wish to park in any lot on campus, you may purchase an SUU Collegiate Plate permit at the reduced cost of $15. Vehicles displaying both a Collegiate Plate and a parking permit may park in any non-restricted stall on campus (excluding housing lots). If you do not wish to purchase a permit, you may still park for free with your Collegiate Plates in any yellow or green lot.

  • To obtain a Collegiate Plate permit:
    • Locate your  vehicle registration. 
    • Log into your portal at
    • Click on the parking permit link on the left side of the screen 
    • Add a vehicle to your account or buy a permit and select the Collegiate Plate permit.
    • Select the vehicle you wish to add to the permit. Only one vehicle may be registered for Collegiate Plate permits.
    • Accept the terms found in the Southern Utah University Parking Rules and Regulations.
    • Pay for your permit by credit card or electronic check. A transaction fee will apply if paying with credit card. Permits must be paid for before they will be issued.
    • Pick up your permit from Parking ServicesEmployees have the option to have their permit delivered via campus mail to their office.

If you are a visitor and have SUU Collegiate Plates and wish to purchase a Collegiate Plate permit, please contact Parking Services at 435-865-8388 or by emailing us at