Southern Utah Museum of Art



SUMA will become a major regional attraction and an educational proving ground. As part of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts, our target is for SUMA to be the first museum accredited by the American Association of Museum that is staffed by graduate and undergraduate students.

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University, as our founders envisioned, is a dynamic teaching and learning community inspired by its unique natural surroundings. As Utah's designated public liberal arts and sciences university, SUU engages students in a personalized and rigorous experiential education, empowering them to be productive citizens, socially responsible leaders, high achievers and lifelong learners.

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts will incorporate visual arts, live theatre and dynamic arts education on the SUU campus. The Beverley, a year-round cultural destination, will include the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s new Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre, the Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre, and the Festival’s offices and studios, as well as SUMA.

Advisory Board

The SUMA Advisory Board is selected and appointed by SUU. The members represent both SUU and the community. Terms are 3 years. The Founding Board is as follows:

  • Chair - Joanne Brattain (Community) 7-15 to 7-18
  • Vice-Chair and Education Grades 6 – 12 and Adult - Deborah Snider (SUU) 7-15 to 7-16
  • Secretary - Jennifer Oberhelman (SUU) 7-15 to 7-17
  • Programing Chair - Diane Strachan (Community) 7-15 to 7-18
  • Volunteer Chair - Roland Gow (Community) 7-15 to 7-17
  • Elementary Education K – 5 - Alisa Petersen (SUU) 7-15 to 7-16
  • Collections Chair - Susan Harris (SUU) 7-15 to 7-16
  • Development Chair - Donna Law (SUU) 7-15 to 7-16
  • Development - Kathy LaFave (Community) 7-15 to 7-17
  • Friends Chair - Colette Cox (Community) Position is perpetual
  • Marketing - Maria Twitchell (Community) 7-15 to 7-17


  • Reece Summers (SUU), Director of SUMA
  • Shauna Mendini (SUU), Dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Tiffiney Christiansen (SUU), Development Director
  • Rachel Bishop (SUU), Director of the Arts Administration Programs

Mission Statement

Southern Utah Museum of Art is an experiential learning center for future arts leaders who serve the community through exhibitions, collections, preservation, and educational programming.