Department of Teacher Education & Family Development

Elementary Education

Students interested in teaching in the elementary schools of Utah (grades 1-8) can complete course work leading to an Elementary Teaching License in the State of Utah. Interested students are required to complete the Elementary Education Program and specialize in one area. In addition, a minimum of 30 semester hours of professional education course work must be completed in the Department of Teacher Education and Human Development. A Utah teaching license has reciprocity with nearly all other states and territories in the United States.

A minor is not required for Licensure in the State of Utah. It is suggested that anyone wanting to complete a minor meet with the Education Advisor.

Elementary licensure students can also select to complete a dual licensure program in Special Education (K-12) or Early Childhood Education (K-3).

Elementary Block courses and Student Teaching will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only. The College of Education will register all students for the Elementary Block and Student Teaching.

Elementary Block requirements:

  • Students must have completed all university general education core requirements and elementary education requirements.
  • Students must submit a Elementary Block Application.
  • Students must be admitted to the College of Education and have a current background check on file with the State of Utah.
  • Students must pass the PRAXIS II Exam 5031 with at least the minimum passing score in each of the four testing areas. These tests can be taken together or individually.

Student Teaching requirements: See Field Services for application


Dual Licensure

Areas of Concentration

Suggested Four-year Sequence:

Year One

Course Number Course Title Credit Semester
ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing 3 Fall
LM 1010 Information Literacy 1 Fall
UNIV 1010 Introduction to Experiential Education 1 Fall
American Institution (1 class) Choice: ECON 1740, HIST 1700, POLS 1100 3 Fall
EDUC 2000 Exploring Education in Society 3 Fall
Life Science (1 class) Recommended: BIOL 1010, BIOL 2000, NFS 1020 3 Fall
Total Credits 15
MATH Required MATH 1050 or take Placement Test 4 Spring
CSIS 1000 Intro to Computer Applications/Internet 3 Spring
Fine Arts (1 class) Recommended: ART 1010, ART 1050, MUSC 1010, DANC 1010, or THEA 1023 3 Spring
Humanities (1 class) Recommended: COMM 1310, HU 1010, or PHIL 1250 3 Spring
Physical Science (1 class) Recommended: GEO 1020/1025, GEO 1030/1035, GEO 1090/1095. or PHYS 1040/1045 3 Spring
Total Credits 16

Year Two

Course Number Course Title Credit Semester
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing 3 Fall
UNIV 3925 Experiential Education Proposal 1 Fall
MATH 2010 Math of Elementary Education I 3 Fall
EDUC 3000 Principles of Teaching & Learning 3 Fall
ART 3900/MUSC 3900 Visual & Performing Arts 3 Fall
THEA 3900/DANC 3900 Visual & Performing Arts 3 Fall
Total Credits 16
MATH 2020 Math of Elementary Education II 3 Spring
ELED 3200 Educational Psychology Elem Ed Teachers 3 Spring
SPED 3030 Foundations of Special Education 3 Spring
EDRG 3520 Teaching Reading Elementary Education 3 Spring
ELED 4000 Creative Arts Integration (pre-req ARTMUSC/THEA/DANC 3900) 3 Spring
Select Specialization Area
Total Credits 15

Year Three

Course Number Course Title Credit Semester
UNIV 4925 Experiential Education Synthesis & Reflection 1 Fall
Specialization Area Select 3 classes 9 Fall
EDUC 3180 Academic Decision Making & Assessment 3 Fall
EDUC 4040 Assessment & Instruction in Reading 3 Fall
Total Credits 16
Specialization Area Select 3 classes 9 Spring
ELED 3400 Educating Diverse Populations 3 Spring
ELED 3555 Prof Instruction Plan & Development 3 Spring
Total Credits 15 Spring

Year Four

Course Number Course Title Credit Semester
Elementary Block 15 Fall
Student Teaching/Induction Seminar 12 Spring

Total Hours = 120