Online Incident Report Forms

Incident Report Forms

Employee First Report of Injury, Illness Exposure, or Near-Miss

Work related injury or illness of a University employee, full time or part time, student employee, or authorized volunteer while working on behalf of Southern Utah University.

Non-Work Related Incident

Incidents involving University property damage and injury to any person on campus other than an employee. It does not include SUU vehicle accidents nor does it include personal vehicle accidents that occur on campus (please contact SUU police). Includes student injuries that occur during class activities.

SUU Vehicle Incident

A vehicle accident/incident involving SUU vehicle.

Supervisor Incident Investigation Guide

This guide is to help supervisors and faculty of injured students in their responsibility of conducting incident investigations. It includes information and explanations on how to identify the root causes of an incident, the corrective actions to be implemented, and how to monitor the effectiveness of the changes made.