Foods Lab

This lab can include 22 students in instructions, and it is used for Nutrition classes that have an associated Foods lab, like Food Science and Exploring Culture in Nutrition.

  • 10 student kitchens,
  • 1 instructor kitchen,
  • a class gathering space,
  • 4 tables for displaying, serving, and testing, and
  • 3 storage closets. 
  • 11 sinks,
  • 6 range/oven combos,
  • 6 microwaves,
  • 2 refrigerator/freezer,
  • 1 upright deep freezer,
  • a dishwasher,
  • a washer and dryer,
  • a First Aid kit,
  • eyewash station,
  • multiple kitchen appliances,
  • cookware and serving items, and lab vessels like tubes and beakers.

There is a camera and large screen to show specimens and procedures to a group of people at once. There is also a viscometer to test viscosity/flow of materials, and a texture analyzing machine. Texture profile analysis seeks to quantify various physical properties such as hardness, adhesiveness, fracturability, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess, chewiness and resilience by driving a probe into a sample at a specific rate, and repeating the compression.


Agriculture & Nutrition Science