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The Utah Rural Scholars Program was created to prepare students from rural Utah for admission to medical school, dental school, and other graduate healthcare professions along with allied health professions training programs. By participating in this program, students have opportunities for academic and non-academic experiences that will increase their likelihood of being accepted into a professional healthcare program.

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Americorps Scholarships

AmeriCorps lets you get paid for community service. Students can receive an educational award of $1,175 for each 300 hours of service they do. More information, or visit the SUU Community Engagement Center, (435) 865-8332.

Program Benefits

The Rural Health Scholars (RHS) Program is an enhancement program geared to give students opportunities that will help them as they apply to graduate level healthcare programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, podiatry, nursing, physician assistant, physician therapy, occupational therapy and allied health fields. 

RHS is a menu selection type of program. Multiple offerings can be chosen by students. Students have the option of getting university credit for some of the offerings. Weekly e-mails are sent to students giving them information about opportunities and tips and hints for the application process. Current healthcare articles are sent to students keep students informed about a variety of topics essential to pre-health students.

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Read the mini-biographies of our graduating Rural Health Scholars, including what programs they were accepted into.

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What do our students think?

"I just have to start out by saying that I love RHS. It really does give me a jump on all my competition from other schools. Where else could I get this easy access to successful applications to medical school? Where else would I be pushed to fill the strict requirements to even be looked at? I loved class this week for that reason. It helped me to know where I should be as well as be confident in the knowledge that RHS is doing all it can to give me the best opportunity possible to get into medical school."

- RHS Alumnus

"I just wanted to thank you for the heads up that potentially saved me years. Thanks for all you do."

- Shay, Dixie State University

"I wasn't so much surprised as I was impressed. Impressed that I have a team backing me, helping me achieve my goal. I was impressed that I am getting everything that I am paying for. I am so glad that this program is striving to give everything that they promised and more to my educational goal. I am excited that my dream is more then a dream it is a goal and completely achievable and RHS does a great job of conveying that message to its members."

- Zoe, Southern Utah University, Fall 2015

"I just received an acceptance from PCO (Pennsylvania College of Optometry) at Salus University. Its days like these that make it all worth it. Thank you for being such a large role in all of this. Optometry still has a 100% record..."

- John, Southern Utah University

"It's hard to believe I'm in the final year of medical school and am now experiencing the application cycle all over again in preparation for residency. I've decided to do Orthopaedic Surgery. It's the best. As you know creative writing is not my strength, so I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible on my personal statement. I was wondering if you had time and would be willing to read it and let me know what you think?  Thanks for all that you do with the students going into medicine. I probably couldn't have done it without you."

- Brett, current 4th year (Medical College of Wisconsin) from Southern Utah University, accepted to Orthopedic Surgery Residency in San Antonio 2013

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all of your help throughout this process. I was ecstatic with the acceptances I was blessed to have this year. I never thought I would have so many
options and I have no doubt in my mind that it was the preparation from RHS that made the difference.  When I spoke to Dr. Chan he specifically mentioned that he could tell I had spent tons of time writing my personal statements, and about my experiences. He mentioned that the interviewers specifically mentioned the diversity of my activities. All of those things I credit to RHS because otherwise I wouldn't have thought some of the experiences I had were related to medicine. Those long days in the Maymester workshop paid off, and I appreciate you for your help and advice along the way.  I appreciate the times you were blunt with me and told me to step it up."

- Nate, University of Utah Medical School, Accepted Spring 2013

"I just wanted to email you with an update on how I am doing.  I just got a job offer in the Neonatal ICU at Duke University Hospital and I accepted the offer and will be starting in July!  I am just so thrilled and cannot wait to start working there! I have two more months of school (Duke College of Nursing) left and I am one of the first few people in my program to already have a job.  Now all I have to do is graduate and pass the NCLEX!  This past year has been such a journey and I have grown and learned so much. And it all started with you!  You were the first person who really encouraged me to follow my dreams and I'll never forget that.  I would have never been able to make it this far without all of your encouragement early on and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me.  All of your support helped me grown into the confident woman that I am now.  I am ecstatic that I am able to share me success with you."

-Katie, practicing nurse, Duke College of Nursing