Back Up The Mountain

“Back Up the Mountain” details the amazing true story of determined men and women sacrificing and risking all to establish the Branch Normal School (now Southern Utah University). In 1898 they faced the heroic task of constructing the state-required three-story brick building. The Cedar City, Utah residents had to begin in the depth and darkness of a record-cold and snowy winter to complete the building in an eight-month period or lose the school.  Their commitment to education and to their community rivals all other stories of the founding of institutions of higher education.

Starring Jasen Wade as Neil Bladen, the man determined to get the lumber from the mountain. Also starring Dan Frezza, as Francis Webster, the leader who guided and prodded the community.

Jasen Wade as Neil Bladen standing with his horse

Produced on-location at or near where the actual events occurred in Cedar City, Frontier Homestead State Park and Brian Head, Utah. Many cast members and extras are proud descendants of the university’s founders.

Contact Alumni & Community Relations to request a copy of the DVD by calling 435-586-7777.

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