Theatre and Football: Q&A with the Cowser Family

Posted: November 18, 2015 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 3 minutes

James Cowser from Southern Utah University is set to be drafted into the National Football League (NFL) next spring and is in the midst of a successful senior campaign. But James is not the only Cowser on campus; his younger brother Will is in his freshman year at SUU and is studying theatre with the hopes of becoming a play director. With two successful men in one household, we sat down with both James and Will to get their take on the differences and similarities between them and also got their Mom, Kelly’s, take on her sons’ opposite interests.

James Cowser

James Cowser
Q: What is it like to have a brother here on campus that has such a different interest from what you’ve been involved in at your time here at SUU?

It’s a fun dynamic. We’re close and supportive but we both have our own outlets to express ourselves and excel. The sibling rivalry is not huge for us, but we do demand excellence.

Q: What difference was there in parenting styles between how your parents acted toward you and how they acted toward Will?

We definitely got treated differently because of our age, Will is about 7 years younger than me. Other than that the parenting styles were pretty similar, but I had more discipline through sports. He had structure as well, just different structure.


Will Cowser

Q: When did you first think that studying theatre was a viable option that could lead you to a future career?

It wasn’t really something I considered for a career or knew that I could study until I was down here for James’ football game. The campus felt so awesome and so I talked to the honors program and they were great to work with. I just thought about it a lot and knew I would love studying theatre, so I wanted to come SUU and have the chance to do that. It felt too right here.

Q: Although you and James have a stark contrast in interests, what similarities do you share?

We both really love what we do and work hard to become better at our interests and hobbies. Studying theatre and playing football, you’re told growing up that those careers probably aren’t realistic and enjoy those things while you’re in high school, but our parents never put the plug on our passion and so now we hopefully can make those passions into careers.

Q: Did you ever have an interest in playing football or did James ever have an interest in theatre?

Neither of us had an interest to play or be apart of the other one’s interest. James was never really interested in theatre, but there’s always been a respect that we both enjoy the other one’s realm but never really thought about dabbling into it.

Kelly Cowser
Q: What are the differences and similarities between your sons?

They have very different interests; James has been sports man all along and Will is more interested in the arts, but there is a lot of overlap in their personalities which is fun. They’re such good friends, both are very bright, quick witted and have a great sense of humor.

Q: How surreal is it to think that your son could be playing in the NFL this time next year?

We’re very excited, grateful and humbled for the opportunity for James. We are truly enjoying this season with James and are trying to stay in the moment. He has certainly loved his experience at SUU. We are looking forward to the future and are especially grateful for everything that SUU has meant to James.

Q: How has it been having such a wide array of interests under one household?

It’s been a blast to have a variety of activities and be able to enjoy them with my children. I love to watch my daughter dance, I love to watch James play sports, watch my other son act and watch Will direct. It’s fun to see them shine in different areas.


Southern Utah University offers a variety of different programs and allows students to discover their purpose and succeed in their own interests. November 21st is the senior football game for James. Support the T-Birds as they take on Northern Arizona University at 3 p.m. in the Eccles Coliseum. 

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