SUU Professors Do More Than Teach: Faculty Books and Publications

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Southern Utah University’s professors publish a variety of academic literature and research, which showcase the unique talents and qualities our faculty and staff have to offer. The professors here love what they teach and have much to contribute to the next generation.

Publishing professors are a part of what makes SUU unique. Research-based universities also generate a high publishing output, often releasing professors from the responsibility of teaching or are given a class reduction to research and write. Ellen Treanor, Executive Director of Brand Strategy at SUU, shares that SUU faculty choose to do research and write books on top of a full teaching load, making these educators even more outstanding.

The faculty members at SUU are hidden gems. They have stores of knowledge and tremendous amounts of output in articles, collegial and industry conferences, all in addition to the books that are published. Treanor explains that with this knowledge, they are “advising multiple students on their life path and are writing books and participating in academic research.” The quality of professors found at SUU is hard to match.

SUU Associate Provost James Sage explains that in “higher education, publications are valued based on quality, contribution to the discipline, long-range impact, and how prestigious the publisher or journal is.” To have a book professionally published shows a certain level of expertise. “Anyone can self-publish a book,” states Treanor, “but these books are peer reviewed and chosen by publishers.” Being a published professor not only shows the depth of knowledge possessed, but that the writing done is on the edge of research.

The published work differs depending on each faculty member’s scholarly discipline. Similarly, Sage explains how “the types of publications vary considerably.” The publications can be in the form of “single-author monographs, edited volumes, book chapters, journal articles, reports, textbooks, lab manuals, etc.”

Applied CATIA V5 | L. Scott Hansen, Ph.D.

Autodesk Inventor 2016. A Tutorial Introduction | L. Scott Hansen, Ph.D.

New Bedford's Civil War | Earl Mulderink

Evolution and Biodiversity of Life Laboratory Manual, 2nd Edition | Fredric R. Govedich, Ph.D.

Fathers in Cultural Context | David W. Shwalb, Barbara J. Shwalb, Michael E. Lamb

Human Anatomy Laboratory | Mary Jo Tufte | ISBN: 978-1-59871-466-1.

Human Anatomy, Laboratory Manual | Smetanka, Rachel, Paul Pillitteri, Fredric R. Govedich, Debra Hanson, and Bonnie A. Bain

Learning and Applying Solid Edge 2008 Step-by-Step | L. Scott Hansen, Ph.D.

Learning and Applying SolidWorks | L. Scott Hansen, Ph.D.

My Fish Ate Your Fish: Can Evolution and Religion Play Nicely? | Helen Boswell & Lindsay Thompson Miller

Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design | Dezhi Wu, Ph.D.

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