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Where are all the Colleges in Utah?

Posted: April 14, 2016 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 1 minutes

2016-04-colleges-in-utah-locations.jpgLocation of a university can make all the difference in your collegiate career. When looking at colleges in Utah, you're sure to surround yourself with beauty.

City locations have a hustle and bustle and may offer more connections to outside employment. More rurally located universities offer unique education settings, like access to public lands, national parks, and specialized research projects. Many students report having a deeper connection to their university and the community in smaller cities or towns.

Here is a list of the colleges in Utah sorted by city and population size.

Cedar City | Population: 28,857

2016-04-suu-logo.pngSouthern Utah University
Location: Cedar City, Utah
Student Population: 8,881


Ephraim | Population: 6,135

2016-04-snow-college-wordmark.jpgSnow College
Location: Ephraim, Utah
Student Population: 5,111




Logan | Population: 48,174

2016-04-utah-state-university-wordmark.jpgUtah State University
Location: Logan, Utah
Student Population: 28,622


St. George | Population: 72,897

2016-04-dixie-state-university-wordmark.jpgDixie State University
Location: St. George, Utah
Student Population: 8,853


Ogden | Population: 82,825

2016-04-weber-state-university-wordmark.jpgWeber State University
Location: Ogden, Utah
Student Population: 25,955


Orem | Population: 88,328

2016-04-utah-valley-university-wordmark.jpgUtah Valley University
Location: Orem, Utah
Student Population: 33,211



Provo | Population: 112,488

2016-04-brigham-young-university-wordmark.jpgBrigham Young University
Location: Provo, Utah
Student Population: 29,672



Salt Lake City | Population: 186,440

2016-04-westminster-college-wordmark.jpgWestminster College
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Student Population: 2,789



2016-04-salt-lake-community-college-wordmark.jpgSalt Lake Community College
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Student Population: 28,814

2016-04-university-of-utah-wordmark.jpgUniversity of Utah
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Student Population: 31,673



Find all of the colleges on the map below.

The beautiful landscapes all over the state make it a destination for world travelers, why not make it your home for the next four years?

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