5 Reasons Why SUU is the Place to Play Pokémon Go

Posted: July 12, 2016 | Author: Lexi Carter | Read Time: 3 minutes

SUU LibraryExplore Southern Utah University with the hottest game - Pokémon Go! Built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform, the augmented reality app has teamed up with Ingress, a live web map, to deliver a real-life, adrenaline-running, Pokémon-catching experience.

Here are five reasons why SUU rocks when it comes to Pokémon Go - and why you should be on campus to catch ‘em all.

Number of PokéStops
As of July 12, there are 43 PokéStops on the SUU Campus. With so many opportunities to gather items, hundreds of students are flocking to campus so they can stock up their backpacks with potions and Poké Balls.

Having a ton of PokéStops also creates a Lure-phenomenon. At most times of the day, there is at LEAST one Lure set up somewhere on campus, if not multiple scattered around. And while you are walking to each PokéStop, you can incubate eggs in transit and hatch all kinds of Pokémon you haven’t been able to catch.

Safer hunting ground
If you are an avid Pokémon Trainer, then you are well-accustomed to the loading screen, asking you to ‘remember to be alert at all times’ and to ‘stay aware of your surroundings’. Reports are flooding in of stopped traffic and trespassing on private property from across the country. And who knows how many tripped-on-the-sidewalk falls have happened - I’d guess at least one per player.

This is where universities can thrive as hunting grounds. Quads are littered across campus and summer break has reduced the foot traffic dramatically at SUU. With so much space to wander, explore and anxiously watch for the 3 footsteps to reduce to 2, Trainers can easily catch all the Pokémon their hearts desire (that is, if your heart desires hoards of Rattatas and Pidgeys) with little to no risk of being a traffic hazard. The safety of the campus also allows for students to watch out for each other and connect with fellow Trainers in a secure environment.

Types of Pokémon
With a highly concentrated population of trainers, there comes a plethora of the more ‘common’ Pokémon. But you need not fear - the rare’s are still available at SUU. Accounts of Rhydons, Voltorbs and Jigglypuffs are pouring in from all across T-Bird Nation. And with so many pairs of eyes stalking their prey, you’re sure to run into a feeding frenzy somewhere on campus.

Number of gyms
Three gyms are hotly contested on campus: the Auditorium Fountain on the east side, the Rock Lecture Hall in the middle and the Stael Statue (Centurium) on the west. Although Team Valor (red) dominated through opening weekend, Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Mystic (blue) are fighting for gym ownership with almost hourly victories.

At this time, SUU has no official stance on which team to join. The legendary bird Zapdos (Instinct’s mascot) is an ancient ancestor of the Thunderbird. Mystic trainers have the biggest brains, not unlike our highly intelligent student body. And Valor boasts SUU Red as their team color. It is the combination of all three teams that leads to ultimate T-Bird Nation triumph.

Student gatherings / meet-ups
SUU nightlife has spiked since the game’s release. Trainers are hunting and gathering at all hours of the day, constantly fueling the fire of this Pokémon craze. Compared to the original games, some students prefer the interactive nature of Pokémon Go and the chance to team up with fellow Thunderbirds in the hunt for the elusive.

We wish you happy hunting and safe travels in the coming days and weeks as you continue on the quest to catch ‘em all. Share your finds with us at #SUUPokemon.

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