SUU Named Among 100 Best College Buys in America

Posted: September 29, 2016 | Author: President Scott L Wyatt | Read Time: 1 minutes


President Scott L. WyattGreat news! Southern Utah University was just named one of the 100 Best College Buys in America. Two other Utah universities received the same recognition. The other two are Utah State University and the University of Utah. It is an honor to be known as one of America’s best buys with these two excellent schools.

I can't help but make a very interesting point with this announcement. SUU’s tuition is less that USU and the U of U. Nevertheless, all other public universities in our state have cheaper tuition than the three of us who are considered “best buys.” Any good investment (such as four years worth of tuition to prepare for a 30-40 year career) requires looking at more than just price. Great value is how much bang you get for the buck. It is the cost compared to the quality you get back. Together cost and quality determine value. And SUU is one of the 100 best educational values in America! Congratulations to all the wonderful people at SUU who make it so.

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