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Artis Grady is an associate professor of human nutrition at Southern Utah University and has been a registered dietitian since 1976. She received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics at Brigham Young University and a master’s in education at Utah State University.

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The first 14 years of Grady’s career in dietetics included working as an Administrative Dietitian at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah, the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee., and at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kirkwood, Missouri. She also consulted for care centers at Women, Infants, and Children programs and for private physicians and their patients.

Grady teaches the following classes:

  • NFS 3020 Nutrition as Related to Fitness and Sports
  • NFS 4200 Food Science
  • NFS 4205 Food Science Lab
  • NFS 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (general education)
  • NFS 2140 Nutrition of the Infant and Child

In 8th grade, Grady’s home economics teacher introduced her to the field of dietetics. The combination of nutrition knowledge and medical skills built Grady’s ultimate goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

“Being a registered dietician allows for a wide array of career paths and job opportunities,” said Grady. “I often tell students that this is a field that is always applicable, since everyone eats every day.”

She began teaching at SUU in 1990, and helped develop the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Sciences program. The program offers two emphasis tracks in pre-dietetic and allied health and produced spirited professionals and graduate school candidates each year.

Grady specializes in sports nutrition and food chemistry. Her biggest reward in teaching is seeing students graduate and continue to succeed throughout life.

“My proudest moment working at SUU is witnessing the growth of the nutrition program and seeing students be successful,” said Grady. “We see students head to graduate schools across the country in everything from dietetics to medical school, pharmacy to physical therapy, dental school to physicians assistant. The basis they gain in nutrition at the undergraduate level is applicable in so many fields.”

Grady was named the 2017 Outstanding Dietitian of the Year by the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Known in Utah as the Award of Merit, this distinction recognizes a dietitian who leads and makes significant contributions to the dietetics field.

Colleagues in the Department of Agriculture and Nutrition Sciences provided recommendation to the Award of Merit Selection Committee, including testaments to Grady’s dedication, effectiveness, and impact in teaching and leading students. From the letter, professors Lee Wood, Matthew Schmidt, Celesta Lyman, Billie Jean Session and Nica Clark state:

“Artis has a gift of connecting with students, recognizing specific needs, and then gently and constructively guiding them to specific and diverse fields of interest. Her impact as a mentor is evident by the steady stream of students who return to her office, often after many years, to give thanks for helping them meet their potential. In her 40-year career in dietetics, [Grady] has given of her knowledge, time and talents to positively impact tens of thousands of undergraduate students.”

Outside of school, Grady enjoys hiking and taking long walks. Also, reading a book “just for fun,” traveling, and spending time with family are among her favorite activities. She has four children and ten (soon to be 11) grandchildren.

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