Student Entrepreneur Creates Textbook BuyBack Program

Posted: February 21, 2017 | Author: Cami Mathews | Read Time: 2 minutes

Noah EvansAs an aspiring entrepreneur, Noah Evans has a passion for connecting with others. A senior majoring in marketing at Southern Utah University, Noah has been able to learn from the best and use his education to start his first business venture with a target market of those he knows well - college students.

The project involves creating a new sales channel where students can receive above-market buyback prices for their used textbooks. Students can sell books to Noah, who then sells them to online bulk textbook buyback companies vetting for the best prices.

The idea was born when Noah’s girlfriend went to sell back a book, but received a value that both of them did not think was fair.

“The book buyback location gave her $12 for a book that originally cost $120,” said Noah. “I did not think that the price was fair, so with the help of a friend, we found that she could have gotten $75.”

From there, Noah created a word of mouth system to let students know that they could receive more money back for their textbooks. All of the work Noah has put into this project would not have been possible without his education from multiple professors.

“This project has made me realize how much I truly need school to one day become a successful entrepreneur,” said Noah. “It pushed me to do better in school and increase my connections on campus.”

One of the educators that has impacted the project is Todd Peterson. He encouraged Noah to pursue the project, making sure that it followed school rules and that student business transactions were allowed on campus.

The entrepreneurship club on campus has also been an asset to Noah. Members of the club have not only given advice on how to better reach students, but they themselves have been loyal customers.

“I have had a number of students who want to be involved in the project,” said Noah. “Overall I believe this semester my project will positively affect many students and save them hundreds of dollars.”

Noah is now focusing on developing marketing strategies. He wants to be able to reach students in a meaningful way, specifically through social media. Noah is also looking for brand ambassadors who can help with word of mouth advertising. Because Noah is a senior, he plans to keep the project running by having students engage in internships with the company.

“I would like to see this project take off and become a business that will provide internship experience to students,” said Noah. “I have learned so much in a short time frame. If I can get the business to run efficiently and work through some of the bugs, I think others could benefit from working alongside me.”

Students who are interested in working with Noah can reach him at

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