Master’s Student Creates Hands-on Communication Boot-Camp

Posted: March 13, 2017 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students looking at a computerTevita Sekeni, a master of professional communication student from Salt Lake County, thinks of his time at Southern Utah University as a true blessing.

At a young age Tevita became aware of his learning disabilities. Through his own discipline and sacrifices from his parents, he learned to manage his obstacles to become the first of his siblings to graduate high school and obtain a bachelor’s degree from SUU.

Now as a student of SUU’s MAPC program, he decided to showcase what the SUU communication program has to offer.

With help from the Communication Department Chair, Art Challis, Tevita developed the idea to recruit high school students by showcasing what communication alumni are doing in the real world, along with the hands-on tools communication students learn in college classes. Now, Tevita and the Communication Department are days away from hosting the school’s first Communication Media Boot-Camp: a weekend event designed to allow high school students throughout Utah to see what a day in the life of an SUU communication student is like.

As director over the Boot-Camp, Tevita has been able to work directly with Comm faculty members and said each one has been a great help with the event. Throughout the process, Tevita has gained organizational experience, and has felt a great bond with his faculty and fellow students.

“The Media Boot-Camp has really taught me what organizational and workplace communication really is,” said Tevita. “A few months into organizing the event, I became really sick but my team continued to support me and our efforts toward the project. Working in an organization, you have people there to help you. They basically me told that I am important and that I can make a difference.”

Tevita is excited to see the results of the weekend, and is hoping to develop the Boot-Camp into an annual event. As for his future, Tevita plans to work toward a doctorate degree in education, and hopes to help improve his perspective on society and work with minorities in education.

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