2017 College of Education and Human Development Co-Valedictorian

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Logan Harker has loved playing sports since elementary school and has participated in everything from tumbling to basketball to soccer. This Syracuse, UT native joined a competitive soccer team in high school. She excelled at the sport and scored several game-winning goals, which caught the attention of SUU Athletics.

Logan Harker

Being recruited to play for the women’s soccer team at SUU kept Harker busy throughout her four years in school. However, Harker didn’t stop there. She also participated in several campus entities including joining a business club, being involved with the Rural Health Scholars, attending Pizza & Politics, coaching and reffing local sports teams and volunteering in Costa Rica to help build a school. She also took a variety of classes and found her niche in science. Harker decided to combine her two passions, science and sports, and chose to study exercise science.

Harker’s study habits, work ethic and passion to succeed helped her become one of the two co-valedictorians for the College of Education and Human Development. Harker admits that it wasn’t always easy and gives credit to Nick Bartlett, assistant athletic director for marketing and revenue generation, for coaching her on good study tricks.

“Nick told me the best study habit is to buckle down on homework during the day,” said Harker. “That way by night you’ll be done and have time to unwind. It’s less intimidating to do homework in small increments all day rather than having to do six hours in a row at night when you want to relax.”

Harker encourages everyone to ask for help and use campus resources. She learned this lesson when she took a challenging summer chemistry class.

“I was in the tutoring lab for several hours every day to help me understand the subject,” she said. “I also sought out the help of my professors. They are so accessible and make time for you to meet.”

Harker advises her fellow students to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself, even if it’s outside your comfort zone, because one door opens five more.

Harker’s educational journey doesn’t end after graduation. She will begin a Master’s program for occupational therapy at Idaho State University in the fall of 2017.

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