5 Tips for Parents and the FAFSA

Posted: June 28, 2017 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

Southern Utah University’s Parent & Family Services aims to improve the overall quality of campus life for students by keeping parents and families informed about University services. They gathered useful information to help navigate students and their parents through their college experience.

5 consejos para la fafsa

Here are their 5 tips for parents about how they can help their students with the FAFSA.

1. Early and often

A FAFSA should be filled out once per year for every student attending college. It is the one-stop access to three types of Federal funding.

  1. Grants, which don’t have to be paid back
  2. Work study, which provides eligibility for a part-time job on campus
  3. Student loans

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the FAFSA. Complete the form by the middle of March for the upcoming academic year. The earlier you fill out the application, the better chance of receiving money your student doesn’t have to pay back.

2. Taxes done

Before you file your FAFSA it can make your life much easier to have your (and your dependent student’s) taxes completed. This is because three weeks after you have filed your taxes you can use the Data Retrieval Tool. This is an easy to use tool embedded into the FAFSA that will link your tax information directly from the IRS into your application, saving you pages of forms.

3. Never pay

FAFSA stands for the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid. There are scam websites that will charge you upwards of $80 or more to process your FAFSA for you. www.FAFSA.ed.gov is the only website you should use.

4. Need help?

The FAFSA application has step by step instructions in “Help and Hints.” If you are not sure what a word means or what a question is asking, put the cursor on that spot and look to the right of the screen. There will be a box of definitions listing the meaning of various words and questions as well as listing what can qualify as an answer to that particular question. If you don’t find your answer, call SUU’s friendly Financial Aid Counselor at (435) 586-7735.

5. Check in

After you have submitted your FAFSA, it is a great idea to check in with the college in May to make sure that they have received your student’s application. Sometimes a school will need supporting documentation for a student’s FAFSA.

This content was provided by SUU Financial Aid Office: (435) 586-7735, finaid@suu.edu

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