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For more than 25 years, Dr. Scott Munro has been developing new aerospace technologies. His work has included test-cell acoustics, advanced resonant liner research, cutting torch technology, and jet and airframe noise.

Doctor Scott Munro

At SUU, Dr. Munro is an associate professor of engineering and the associate chair of the engineering department. His experience in project management, risk evaluation and intensive research allow his students a glimpse into the application of theories learned in school.

Dr. Munro teaches the following courses:

  • ENGR 1000 Engineering Success Skills
  • ENGR 1010 Engineering in 21st Century
  • ENGR 2000 Statics and Strength of Materials for Construction Management
  • ENGR 2010 Statics
  • ENGR 2030 Dynamics
  • ENGR 3030 Technical Project Management
  • ENGR 3050/55 Fluid Mechanics
  • ENGR 4300 Vibrations

Scott Munro in a calssroom

Prior to joining SUU in 2015, Dr. Munro worked at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) at China Lake, California. His responsibilities included providing test support and program guidance to Navy programs relative to acoustic noise. He served as chief engineer for the Counter Air Future Naval Capability program, developing an advanced rocket motor for the AMRAAM missile and was program manager for the In-House Independent Research program, NAWCWD’s largest basic research program. During his last two years, Dr. Munro served as deputy director of the Irregular Warfare Technology Office, overseeing technology development and integration projects for a wide range of military applications.

Dr. Munro is the faculty advisor for the Rocketbirds, an engineering club that competes each year in a rocket competition. The multi-discipline project included aerodynamics, structures, propulsion (chemistry), electrical and testing operations. The final product was 6 inches in diameter, 12.5 feet in height, 75 pounds in weight. The team placed third in the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge and placed 25 out of 82 overall in the 2017 Spaceport America Cup this summer.

“These types of projects require long-term teamwork, time management and budgeting,” said Dr. Munro. “Companies that build or work with rockets see this competition as a great place to recruit new talent.”

Dr. Munro is also a co-PI on the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium Grant, which provides funding to SUU faculty to encourage students in a variety of technical areas. The grant also funds a two-day Science Teacher Workshop designed by the NASA Utah Space Grant Consortium to provide teachers with professional development in STEM instruction.

In Dr. Munro’s opinion, SUU is the perfect place to help his students prepare for a career because he can get to know his students as well as teach them.

“I’ve always enjoyed seeing ‘the light bulb go on’, or rather, the point where the student gets the concept or solves the tough problem or studies hard and aces the test,” said Dr. Munro. “I help students discover an excitement for science and engineering and give them the tools to discover more. It really is thrilling to see students start out, grow, get excited about what they do, and then go off and do it.”

Dr. Munro earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Purdue University, both in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. From Georgia Institute of Technology, he earned his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

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