20 Ways to Personalize Your Dorm Room

Posted: August 16, 2017 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 3 minutes

student in their dorm on laptop

After you've found your housing for college, you'll start to think about all the ways to decorate. For many students, college is the first time they are living away from home. A well-decorated room gives you a comfortable space to relax when you're not in class or studying. We at Southern Utah University have created this list of color palettes and DIYs to help inspire your decorations for your college apartment.

SUU color palette University Pride

  1. Use a color scheme to bring all your decorations together - from your desk, to your block letters, to your wall art.Red black and grey decor

Visit your on-campus bookstore or gift shop for cute frames, photos or blankets that represent your school.

Find downloadable inspirational quotes on Etsy.

2. Support your university by incorporating school colors into your dorm room. (Go Thunderbirds!)

Red decor

3. Get creative with your painting or hand lettering and show some school spirit.

hand lettering southern utah university

Have a roommate craft night and create personalized signs. Learn basic hand lettering techniques beforehand.

4. Hang photos of your school.

Photos of school landmarks

Outdoor color paletteOutdoorsy

5. Share your love for the outdoors with the University of the Parks badge.

Southern utah university university of the parks

As the University of the Parks, students can find clothing and memorabilia with the logo at the SUU Bookstore (in-store only).

6. Find websites to download free vintage posters, including these cool National Park posters.

Ranger naturalist service - zion national park

7. Bring nature inside with these adorable succulent gardens.

Succulent plant

Check out these tips for succulent gardens for small spaces and how to pot and care for your plant.

"City lights" color palette

City Lights

8. Ping pong ball light strands.

ping pong ball light strands

(via Sarahnick)

Cities are full of lights, so decorate your room with this DIY ping pong light strand. You can also use colored lights instead of white.

9. Check out this blog for decorating tips with a specific city theme in mind.

new york themed room

(via Tracey Whitelaw)

10. Use tape for a beautiful city skyline.

city skyline made of tape

"Wanderlust" Color palette


11. Map out your adventures for all to see.

pictures of trips and map

12. Look at this Buzzfeed article for 28 decor ideas to satisfy your wanderlust.

"not all those who wander are lost"

13. Here is another blog article with creative ways to decorate with your travels.

travel memory box

You can also create a box for your time at SUU with photos and ticket stubs to place in your office later in life.

More tips and ideas

14. Label your stuff.

Labelled wooden spoons

Chances are you and your roommates will share communal items because what apartment really needs four toasters? Label your belongings so when you move out at the end of the year, there are no fights as to who brought what nine months prior.

For example, label kitchen utensils by creating a different color for each roommate. Try this tutorial on painting wooden spoons.

15. Check out this blog post about decorations that won't annoy your roommate.

line with photos hanging

Adding personal photos is the quickest way to make any space feel like home.

16. Dorm DIY that will make everyone on your floor jealous.

light strands with photos clipped to it

17. Print large posters at your local copy shop to add a unique flair to your room.

the beatles poster and hats hanging on wall

Find pricing for the SUU Copy Shop here. The Copy and Post Shop is located on the first floor of the Library.

18. Hit up your local thrift store and update the art you find there.

I was lucky like a four leaf clover

Cedar City has a lot of thrift stores, like Deseret Industries (the DI) and the Ye Old Catholic Thrift Shoppe.

19. Use washi tape to create a masterpiece on your wall or to frame your photos and prints.

Washi tape frames

This is a great temporary decoration solution because it won't damage the walls. Here are 15 fab ways to decorate with washi tape.

20. Here's a list of what you can bring to an SUU residence hall.

Founders hall

Always check with your landlord or resident assistant about what is allowed in your apartment or dorm.

Special thanks to Amie Tukuafu, SUU Assistant Director of Admissions, for having the best SUU-themed office on campus.

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