7 Things To Know About Hospitality Management

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Hotel chefs preparing mealThe close proximity to some of the most luxurious resorts in the nation makes Southern Utah University an ideal place to study Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Management. The program utilizes the short distance to places like Las Vegas, Moab, Park City, and Lake Powell to visit high-class hotels and resorts in order to connect with the industry and learn firsthand about career possibilities.

Students in the program get hands on experiences by utilizing the department’s Hospitality Research Center, doing internships over the summer and completing the required 800 hours of work in a hospitality-related position required by the program.

Due to the amount of practical job experience students receive through the HRHM program, there’s a 100% job placement rate within the hospitality industry after graduation.

Some of the key employers of SUU graduates include Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, Station Casinos, Cafe Zupas, Aman Resorts, Aramark Lake Powell, among many others.

Possible careers that can be pursued with a degree in hospitality management include but are not limited to:

  • Hotel manager
  • Special event planner
  • Director of room operations
  • Guest services manager
  • Director of food and beverage
  • General Sales Manager
  • Director of human resources

Megan Brown, a senior hospitality management major from Poulsbo, Washington who hopes to become an event planner, gives her insights into the program.

1. You learn skills that apply to a variety of fields. This degree incorporates aspects of business, management, customer service, financial services, and event planning all in one degree. The skills learned throughout this set of diverse classes makes students very marketable after graduation.

2. The homework is manageable. Every student is concerned with the workload of the classes. As a Hospitality major, homework can build up if you procrastinate, but it is more than manageable if you keep up and attend class. By managing your priorities, you will have plenty of free time to be involved in clubs and get an internship in the field.

3. Make sure you know which classes have prerequisites. Accounting is a prerequisite to HRHM 3510 - Hospitality Managerial Finance. Because this course is only offered in the spring, be sure to finish accounting in the fall. Several other general classes like nutrition and a basic business class are also required.

Waitress at Centro4. The program provides several opportunities to get real-world experience. Students not only have the opportunity to join the Hospitality Management Club and engage in service learning opportunities through classes, but they also attend student learning field trips to hotels and resorts in the surrounding area. There are several on-campus job opportunities in catering, event planning, and other offices related to customer service and hospitality.

5. Students can earn hospitality certifications while in school. In the required hospitality safety and sanitation management class, students are prepared for and acquire two different certifications related to hospitality: NRA ServSafe Food Safety and ServSafe Alcohol. These certifications are required by many businesses in the HRHM field and give students a solid head start as they enter the workforce. The certifications last 3-5 years.

6. Internships are readily available. SUU maintains great relationships with many alumni working in the hospitality management field who provide invaluable summer internships for students within the program. These internships can be in any of these locations and many more:

  • Walt Disney World, Orlando
  • Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point
  • MGM Grand, Las Vegas
  • Wynn, Las Vegas
  • Hilton, Salt Lake City
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau, Las Vegas
  • Laquinta Hotel, Cedar City

7. Join the guild! Zach Christensen, President of the Hospitality Management Guild, invites all students to join. “The Hospitality Management Guild is a great place for students to network with like-minded individuals and get a real insight into the hospitality field.”

Through the guild, students can participate in field trips to hotels and casinos to further their knowledge and obtain information on potential job opportunities. There are multiple opportunities for students to help plan fundraising events and work with other clubs on campus. The guild provides a safe place for students to learn leadership skills, critical thinking and collaboration.

Hospitality majors enjoy real-world experiences, homework that is relevant to their future career, and a 100% job placement rate. For more information, visit the Department of Management, Marketing and Hospitality.

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