Six Reasons Current Students Chose SUU

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Thor standing in front of t-bird lettersWhy did you choose Southern Utah University? Maybe it was because of the location, surrounded by National Parks and Monuments. Or maybe it was because of the people, including the professors who know your name. Here are personal stories of why people have chosen to come to SUU. Some have graduated, others are current students, but all chose to be a part of T-Bird Nation.

Why I Chose SUU

Richie T. Steadman

It felt right. When I visited the campus, I knew could succeed academically and socially. I would have the opportunity to learn in a hands on way which meant being able to try things out, make mistakes, and then learn from my mistakes. I stayed at SUU because once I started attending college there, I couldn't imagine an experience like that anywhere else.

Sabrina Embry

I choose to come to SUU because every time I thought about it I got excited. When I thought of attending other universities close to home it just didn't make me excited. Every time I worked with staff from SUU they were so nice and caring. I felt as if they cared for me to come and I thought that was really cool :) at the leadership weekend I attend someone told me a different type of person attends SUU and I looked around and realized that it was true! SUU was a family and I wanted to be a part of that.

Shannon Hall

The first time I stepped on SUU's campus, I was smitten. Everything felt so green, so put together, and so friendly. I was a junior in high school and had taken a trip down to Cedar City for 10 days for the Governor's Honors Academy, where I was thrown together with 50 other kids and a bunch of current students of SUU. I immediately knew I would go to school there. It was small, perfect, and everyone had such amazing things to say about everything SUU. I couldn't imagine my future any other way. I place a high value not only on college education, but on the quality of college education I would receive, and I knew that SUU would be top notch.

When I showed up to my first class a year later, I was not disappointed. My professors knew my name within the first week and regularly checked up with me to make sure I was doing well. I felt comfortable asking questions in class and one of my professors even came to my dorm to tutor me for an extra hour every week. This trend continued throughout the years I was at SUU, and every time a professor went out of his or her way to help, I was reminded why I chose Southern Utah University in the first place: it's full of passionate people who care about education and each other.

I've been graduated and in the workforce for a year now, and I still take every chance I get to brag about my time at SUU. I've felt prepared for everything that's been thrown at me in my marketing job and I relish the memories and experiences I gained in Cedar City. I'll always know I made the right decision to attend Southern Utah University. 

Morgan Day

There are multiple reasons why I have chosen to attend Southern Utah University. One of the biggest reasons is the school's nursing program. I want to major in nursing, and over the years SUU has had the highest passing rate on its nursing boards. They also offered great scholarship opportunities compared to other schools. Another great quality was small class sizes. I want to be able to hear and understand my professors as well as get the personal help I’ll need in order to be successful in my classes. One of the last influences was the atmosphere. While on campus I was constantly getting my questions answered and everyone around was always so kind and happy. The campus felt more like a community rather than just a campus. Overall SUU had way more pros than cons and I couldn’t think of a reason not to attend this university.

Devin Jackman

One of my favorite things in high school was coming to Cedar City for the Shakespeare competition held by the university. Because of these experiences I had fond memories on the beautiful campus. When it came time to choose what school was right for me I applied for several schools, and when I finally had to choose, I really trusted my instinct that SUU was where I belonged. So I went with it and came on down. I love my choice!

Jaclyn Landeen

I came to SUU once to visit my sister. She took me on a tour of campus and I fell in love with it. It is a gorgeous place. I also knew that they had a great education program and I want to be a teacher. I'm so glad I made the choice to come here. I love ALL of my professors. They all know who I am and they really help me out.

Welcome to T-Bird Nation; know you have a family for the rest of your life!

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