Student Entrepreneurs Create Modest Swimwear Company

Posted: April 30, 2018 | Author: Parker Rawlins | Read Time: 3 minutes

Jake and Jenna Duncan

Southern Utah University is home to a number of promising student entrepreneurs. Among them are Jake and Jenna Duncan, two married students from Monticello, Utah and Parker, Colorado, respectively. Jake, a junior finance major and Jenna, a senior marketing major, are in the process of creating a modest swimwear company, Geode Swimwear.

“I've actually wanted to start my own swimsuit line for a long time, but I never knew where to start and didn’t think it was actually possible,” said Jenna.

Starting a business while also being full-time students hasn’t been easy, but Jenna and Jake are determined. With a solid idea, they began researching options for designing the suits, finding out where it could be made, and communicating with suppliers to find the best company to do business with.

“It's been hard to manage time and put attention towards the business while in school, but we've also been able to get lots of input from other students and professors that has really helped us get started.” said Jenna.

The two joined the Entrepreneurship Club in fall of 2017. The club aims to become the organization that any student with entrepreneurship desires or ideas comes to bring them into fruition. The Entrepreneurship Club guides individuals through networking with other students and businesses, brainstorming for business ideas, problem solving for current matters holding them back, guidance on what resources they have available to them and education that directly applies to them as entrepreneurs.

“Professor Stillman has also been an awesome asset for us,” said Jake. “He helped set up meetings with attorneys for the legal side of starting a business, as well as connecting us to other mentors in the area, like Tayson Whittaker of Outdoor Vital.”

With the help of these mentors, the pair found a supplier. The next step was to get samples. The process of designing and creating prototypes hasn’t been easy, especially as a full-time student. Jenna will start with an existing design from their manufacturer in China and adjust it to fit her vision.

Geode Swimwear

“I specify the changes I’d like to make to the basic swimsuit (like a different neckline, straps, etc), then our manufacturer makes a sample of the swimsuit and sends it to us,” said Jenna. “I make sure it’s how I want it and if it’s not right, I’ll tell the supplier and they’ll make another sample until it’s correct.”

Despite the challenge of being student entrepreneurs, Jenna maintains that she and her husband are in this for the long haul. They feel the products they’ll be offering are something needed by women all over the world.

“I feel more comfortable wearing swimwear with more coverage, along with many other girls,” said Jenna. “However, I still want to look and feel good, and wear a stylish swimsuit. I feel like as time has gone on, its become harder and harder to find a swimsuit I like with a comfortable amount of coverage-and when I do find one I like, its over $100, which is hard for me (and many others) to afford. Our goal is that all our swimsuits will be under $50, allowing girls to get a swimsuit they look good in, feel comfortable wearing, and don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on.”

In the future, Jenna plans to design each of their swimsuits from scratch.

The Entrepreneurship Program at SUU promotes transformative educational experiences and financial well-being through new venture creation. The program connects students with business mentors, hosts monthly networking events, and provides necessary support and counseling services in finance, partner facilitation, marketing, legal and human resources. Students of all majors interested in starting a business can join the Entrepreneurship Club or contact Tyler Stillman at

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