Personalize Your College Experience, Join a Club at SUU

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Students at downtown cedarWith over 180 different clubs at Southern Utah University, there are countless ways to personalize your college experience. From the soccer club to the rocket club to the hip hop club, there’s always something happening on campus.

Find where you fit in by joining a club or organization that shares the same interests as you!

How to Join the SUU Experience 

Participate in Paint the Town Red 

At the start of every year the Clubs Committee in the Southern Utah University Student Association closes Main Street in downtown Cedar City and hosts the largest club fair of the year. Walk around and chat with the different clubs and see what they have to offer.  

Attend a Campus Connect Event

Once a month, the Clubs Committee in SUUSA, host a Campus Connect event where free pizza is provided and various organizations discuss their club with potential members.  

Sign Up

Give your name and information to the club you are interested in either at their table during an event or request membership online at T-Bird Connection

Take Part in Club Meetings and Activities

Once admitted into a club, take part in meetings, attend events, and run for office.

Create Your Own Club 

If you do not see a club that peaks your interest start your own! All it takes to create a new club is:

  • At least five students
  • Locate an advisor
  • Write a constitution
  • Read the Club Handbook
  • Receive official approval from the Clubs Committee
Joining or starting your own club is easy and makes for a memorable college experience. If you have further questions contact the SUUSA Vice President of Clubs and Organizations at .

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