Local Businesses in Cedar City: Gyms and Fitness Centers

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Cedar City is home to several fantastic gyms and fitness clubs. Here are 14 you’ll want to check out!

Bushido Parkour Ninja Fitness

We are Josh and Jami Menendez. We are an active family with three VERY active kids. Acrobatics and extreme sports come naturally to us. We decided to start BUSHIDO – Parkour Ninja Fitness because we know we aren’t the only people who love to move around and be fit. Simply watching OCRs (Obstacle Course Races) and all things Ninja via TV and internet is not enough. We wanted a hands-on environment to practice the cool stunts the athletes and ninjas we admire perform. But BUSHIDO – Parkour Ninja Fitness is more than a fun place to learn awesome tricks. We want our gym to inspire others to be fit and learn techniques to control their body and mind. We chose the name BUSHIDO because ‘the way of the warrior’ is the path to fulfilling one’s goals, both inside and out.

Address: 7727, 1450 W Industrial Rd

Phone: 435-429-0919

Cedar City Jiu Jitsu and MMA

Cedar City Jiu Jitsu and MMA training center features the best available trainers, Free Weights and Cardio Machines

Address: 718 W 400 N

Phone: 435-586-1343

CrossFit Cedar City

We believe that knowledge, experience, and specialization is the perfect equation to creating a remarkable training experience for our members. Our coaches are dedicated to constant learning and understanding the ever evolving “whys” and “hows” of training. We know that creating a fitness regimen that our members can’t wait to be a part of everyday requires more than just a well planned workout. It requires a great overall experience filled with safe and smart training principles, plus a whole lot of fun.

Address: 65 W Center St

Phone: 435-572-0224

Curves International

Curves International, Inc. is one of the largest chains of fitness centers for women in the world. We are famous for our 30-minute Circuit that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching and always has a coach to help members with proper form, answer questions and offer encouragement.

Address: 1184 S Sage Dr, Ste C

Phone: 435-867-0116

The Healing Tree

Our Licensed and Experienced Massage Therapists are here to help you release the tension in your muscles and heal from pain and discomfort. Enjoy the soothing environment and let us bring you healing and peace!

Address: 535 S Main St St #4

Phone: 435-267-0133

High Mountain CrossFit

At High Mountain, we understand that a one size fits all program doesn’t work. All of our clients are unique and have different goals. You will receive a custom designed program to get you to your specific goals.

Address: 423 Coal Creek Rd #1

Phone: 435-590-5915

Retro Fitness

At Retro Fitness, we believe the choices you make today are the results you’ll see tomorrow. Try us out today and see for yourself how we can help you reach your goals, your way.

Address: 929 S Main St

Phone: 435-383-2881

Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is dedicated to changing lives. No matter how you train, get access to the best fitness equipment for your cardio, strength, and functional training needs. We are here to fit your busy schedule so that you can work out whenever — all it takes is swipe of your key card and you’re in at any of our 2,000 locations worldwide.

Address: 145 N Main St

Phone: 435-867-1301

Spirit Fitness Club

Spirit Wellness Club stands out as the largest and best facilitated wellness club in Cedar City. We offer two floors of fitness machines and training rooms. Spirit has unparalleled equipment and service including: Over 225 fitness machines, MedX, DAVID, and TECA lines, unmatched in bio-mechanics and quality, Private Fitness Room (Personal Training), 2 complete circuits - PACE and SPRINT, and much more!

Address: 1615 N Main St

Phone: 435-867-5582

Stone Path Massage and Energy

Located within easy walking distance of Southern Utah University and the Downtown Cedar City Area. Enjoy a peaceful, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Experience Stone Path Massage & Energy Center with our many different forms of therapy including; Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Foot Zone Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Thai Therapy, Sports Massage & Ionic Foot Bath. Daily Yoga classes are available. Stop by and visit our gift shop filled with great hand crafted and eclectic gifts.

Address: 150 W University Blvd

Phone: 435-267-2692

Stone Path Yoga

Nestled in the heart of Door County and surrounded by nature, Midwest Clinical Somatics and Stone Path Yoga Studio provides a sanctuary that has brought peace and serenity to many students seeking a movement practice whose focus includes wellness, restoration, and peace.

Address: 150 W University Blvd Ste 2-B

Phone: 435-267-2692

VASA Fitness

With over 200K members, our VASA fam just keeps growing! We have recently expanded from our home state, Utah, to Colorado. At VASA we have amenities for EVERYONE to enjoy! We have top of the line personal trainers to keep you in shape, aerobic classes to shake things up, and KidCare facilities to keep your munchkins entertained! We also have; cardio equipment, free-weights, a fitness cinema, Indoor pool, spa, tanning beds, wet & dry saunas, hydro-massage beds, and more!

Address: 1605 W Regency Rd

Phone: 435-867-5077

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