Founder of Groviv Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Posted: October 28, 2018 | Author: Jenna Duncan | Read Time: 2 minutes

Jon Black, founder of GrovivOn October 16th, 2018, Southern Utah University welcomed Jon Black, founder of Groviv and successful business developer, as a speaker for the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is a course on campus that invites various successful business owners to present to the class each week. Speakers present on their accomplishments, challenges, and wisdom they’ve gained from their path to success.

During Black’s presentation, he advised SUU students to find their talents and excel in those areas, ask the right questions to help lead them to success, and discussed the importance of maintaining relationships.

Black has been incredibly successful as an entrepreneur. He has founded several companies including Groviv, Terillion, CheckMd, and North Star Direct, and has made significant gains from selling many of these companies.

Along with building his own companies, Black has become a sought-after consultant for small and medium sized enterprises. He has worked with and helped many well known companies including Coca-Cola, RJR Nabisco, RCA, Novell, IXL, Banner Health, St. Jude’s, Duke University and Nu Skin Enterprises. He has presented at industry conventions both nationally and internationally, and has been featured in various well-known news sources and media outlets.

One of his more recent and significant ventures has been as founder of the company, Groviv. Groviv is a high-tech farming company that uses cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the efficiency and nutrient contents of indoor agriculture. Black explained how this business came to be, and his goal to ultimately use the technology to provide the entire world with access to fresh grown produce.

Perhaps the most impactful subject Black discussed was his experience with his company, Terillion, Inc. The company was designed to improve online marketing and reviews. It had promising beginnings and several companies began using the program. However, the business struggled and ultimately ended up failing, leading Black to learn some of the most difficult, but most beneficial lessons of his life. He emphasized the unwavering support from his wife and family at this difficult time in his life.

“The thing that really stood out to me the most was how much heart the Black’s have,” said Cassie Wilson, junior finance major. “Their road to success wasn’t paved in gold, but they never lost sight of their vision. I think that is something essential for entrepreneurs.”

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is a one credit upper division class, designed to give students the opportunity to learn from successful business owners. There are no prerequisites and the class is open to any majors. All students are welcome to attend, even if they are not enrolled in the course. The class is held Tuesdays from 11:30-12:20 in the Dixie L. Leavitt Business Building in room 126.

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