Meet Our Professors: Fredric Govedich, Biology

Posted: March 01, 2019 | Author: Kaylene Linford | Read Time: 1 minutes

Fredric Govedich

Fredric Govedich began studying leeches as an undergraduate student but soon was intrigued by the lack of research available. Now one of a few experts on these under-studied species, he is able to share his unique knowledge of invertebrate with students here at Southern Utah University.

Growing up in Prescott, Arizona, Govedich received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in biology from Northern Arizona University, and his doctorate in biology at Monash University. His post-doctoral work focused on the evolution of parental care of leeches.

Govedich loves discovering new species and unique behaviors of animals and enjoys teaching the diversity, complexity, and beauty of invertebrates to his students.

“I love inspiring students to learn about things that they had no idea existed. 99% of animals are invertebrates, but many people do not even know that they are animals,” said Govedich.

As an associate professor of biology, Govedich teaches the following classes:

  • BIO 1625 General Biology Lab II
  • BIO 3450 Comparative Vertebrate Studies
  • BIO 3455 Comparative Vertebrate Studies Lab
  • BIO 4410 Animal Behavior
  • BIO 4840 Cooperative Education
  • BIO 4850 Undergraduate Research
  • BIO 4890 Internship

Govedich loves SUU because he is able to work closely with his students. His proudest moment is seeing students succeed in getting into graduate school and publishing papers. His advice to his students is to “do what you love, find what inspires you.”

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