Meet Our Professors: Greg Powell, Management

Posted: April 26, 2019 | Author: Kenzie Lundberg | Read Time: 1 minutes

Greg Powell

Greg Powell didn’t always plan on teaching. While in college, he hoped to obtain a degree in business and move into the consulting world. However, while dabbling in the consulting field, he began teaching night classes and realized his potential.

“Being in a classroom with students, developing a relationship over a 15 week period, that’s a lot more enjoyable than going into an organization and offering service,” said Powell. “Once I came to SUU and found out that I liked teaching significantly more, I never looked back.”

Now as an associate professor of management and chair for the Department of Management, Marketing and Hospitality at Southern Utah University, Powell teaches the following classes:

  • BA 2000 Foundations of Business
  • MGMT 3180  Management and Organizations
  • MGMT 4100 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management
  • MGMT 4250 Advanced Seminar in HRM Management
  • MGMT 4890 Internship

For Powell, building relationships with students is one of the most important aspects of his job.

“Developing a relationship with someone in the classroom is extremely valuable and very satisfying,” said Powell. “Students at the university bring their lives to the table, you’re not starting with a clean slate. My role, I feel, is to begin to add to that. I’m going to learn from them, and they are going to learn from the material that I brought in for the day.”

Powell loves the close community of SUU and despite the fact that the university is growing, there continues to be a spirit of wanting to help each other and students.

“I’ve never thought of going back and doing anything but this.”

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