Five Tips for Life After Your College Graduation

Posted: May 07, 2019 | Author: Savannah Byers | Read Time: 3 minutes

Life after graduationCongratulations T-Bird, you’ve graduated! But, now what? Here are five tips from Southern Utah University on how to slay life after graduation.

1. Finding Your First “Real Job”

The first thing to do when you begin the job hunt is to acknowledge the facts that you’re in transition and not entitled to a job. Be prepared to work hard and be rejected. It’s fine to begin at an entry level position- some employers prefer their employees to work up through the ranks.

Your first job may have nothing to do with your major, and that’s okay. Your SUU education and degree can take you in many different and sometimes unexpected directions. The dream job you’ve been working toward may not actually be your dream job. Finding the perfect job isn’t always about money; factors such as company culture, location, co-workers, team style, and management should also be taken into account.

2. Nailing The Job Search & Interview

Research all the jobs! When researching and interviewing, don’t be afraid to ask for reading materials to learn more about the position. This can be public relations materials, newsletters, company brochures, articles, anything available and relevant! Take some initial steps when conducting your job search like making phone calls, and sending follow up emails. Be diligent in this, but not overbearing.

Prepare for your interview ahead of time by polishing your resume, portfolio, website, etc. Come prepared with questions based upon your research. A good question to ask is how the office prefers to communicate (office drop by, email, instant message, phone call, etc.).

3. Managing Your First “Real Job”

College can’t exactly fire you, but your boss can. The hard work you accomplished in college doesn’t stop after you walk. In an increasingly competitive age, it’s important to stay ahead of the game, even after you have a job. Go beyond the basic job description by making a list of goals with a timeline to complete them. Push yourself to do the best you can!

Pay attention to both the praise and criticism given to you and your co-workers. Instead of getting jealous of your co-workers' praises, work hard to one day receive the same praises. After about ninety days on the job, ask to sit down with your boss for a progress meeting (unless they ask you first). Discuss the good and the bad; find out where there’s still room for improvement.

4. Being Self-Aware

As previously stated when finding your first “real job”, it’s vital to acknowledge that you’re in transition. Know that you don’t have to have everything together right after graduation; in fact, it’s more common to swim through your twenties a little.

Have someone (a friend, family member, professor, etc.) keep you accountable during the job search and resume revision period. It’s easy to get discouraged, have somebody you love help you through this time of (you guessed it) transition. Also, don’t be intimidated by the students who get glittering job offers right out of, or even during, college; they aren’t in the majority.

5. Life Post-Graduation

Life has gone from being semi-organized, to totally up in the air. Don’t be discouraged, all is as it should be. There are several perks to your life outside of the university bubble, including guiltless free time and maybe even a salary; just don’t waste too much time on Netflix, or blow all of your money on the first paycheck.

Learn how to make friends after college; it’s not as easy when you’re a real adult. Create a social/support network by finding opportunities for entertainment, recreation, hobbies, religious, and social involvement within your community. Step outside of your comfort zone, you may be surprised.

In the end, you’ll find and adjust to your new “normal” after graduation. Just remember that you’re not a machine. Pursue your dreams, and be yourself T-Bird!

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