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Growing up in Salem, Oregon, Thomas Herb found his passion for teaching music during his high school years. While the drum major of the marching band, his band members convinced him to pursue his career in music. Never looking back, Herb went on to earn his bachelor’s and master’s in music education, and his doctorate in musical arts.

Thomas Herb

Before coming to SUU, Herb worked as a high school band director and he enjoys sharing those techniques, tricks, and tips from time to time to his students. Teaching for nearly 10 years at SUU, his passion for music continues as he teaches students to prepare to become music teachers.
In his words, Herb is able to, “teach students about thinking” along with creating music. One part without the other would be much less interesting, and each aspect is so different, it is challenging to balance the two parts.

“My position involves a great deal with teaching future teachers, but at the core of it is the music aspect. I like teaching, and logical subjects such as math and science have aspects about how to teach music,” said Herb. “But the way music can move people emotionally, and get them to feel a different way is really unique.”

As an Associate Professor of Music Education, Herb teaches the following subjects:

  • MUSC 1130 Aural Skills I
  • MUSC 1400 3410 Individual Appl Music Instruction
  • MUSC 3800 Junior Recital
  • MUSC 4400 Individual Appl Music Instruct
  • MUSC 4410 Individual Appl Music Instruct
  • MUSC 4800 Senior Recital
  • MUSC 4810 Management/Assess in Music
  • MUSC 4970 Instrumental Methods
  • MUSC 4980 Student Teaching
  • MUSC 6010 Professional Development in Music Education
  • MUSC 6400 Applied Individual Music Pedagogy
  • MUSC 6430 Performance Ensemble Supervision
  • MUSC 6450 Practicum I and II
  • MUSC 6900 ST in Music Education
  • MUSC 6910 Directed Readings in Music Ed
  • MUSC 6920 Music Education
  • MUSC 6970 Capstone Project

“SUU really does a great job getting students the right balance of the basic knowledge and skills that you need, with the personalized experiences that students need to be successful,” said Herb. “Additionally, students can also be involved in many things, and don’t have to be locked into their major 100 percent of the time. Students can easily pursue interests outside of their main focus, which doesn’t happen at many universities.”

According to Herb, the same is true for faculty. He can be involved in many different aspects of music, while still feeling like a specialist in the field of his choice.

“While being the primary instrumental music education teacher, I also have the opportunity to teach jazz band, classical saxophone, and music technology. I don’t have to be everything to everyone, and have the opportunity to do what I am trained to do while keeping other interests active.

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