Best Places to Study on Campus by Noise Level

Posted: June 25, 2019 | Author: Adrianna Willeford | Read Time: 3 minutes

Some students don’t mind various noises while they are studying, they are able to hone in on what it is they need to accomplish and like to do so in a space surrounded by others. However, some people like to be in areas with limited to no noise when they are doing school work.

Here are the best places on Southern Utah University’s campus to study depending on noise variation.

Student studying in the rotundaHigh Noise Level:

  1. The Rotunda can be one of the busiest places on campus. Students on their way to classes are passing through, clubs and businesses are usually talking to those who pass by in the Mall, and lunch time can be crazy busy. However, if you are willing to put up with the noise, it is well-lit and a great place for a group to gather.
  2. The third floor of the Library is another hot spot for study groups and people who wish to have conversations during their assignments. This is a hit or miss, sometimes during classes it really isn’t very busy, but the late nights of midterms and finals week it can get crowded.
  3. A more comfortable location to go is the Living Room in the Student Center. With couches and chairs, it makes for a nice place to stop during a long day. It can be busy depending on the time of day, which may make it louder than some other places. The Living Room is often used for presentations, club activities, and events, so if you catch it during those times, expect it to be fairly loud.


student studying outsideMedium Noise Level:

  1. When the weather permits, students love to sit outside on the grass areas around campus to study between classes. Of course, it is slightly louder outside when students are shuffling between classes. As soon as the clock hits the hour, it gets pretty quiet again.
  2. Recently long tables and chairs were added upstairs in the Rotunda making it a good spot for being alone and out of the way to study in a quieter zone. However, you still feel connected as the business of campus is just down the stairs.
  3. The Tutoring Center is an awesome place to get help on assignments and practice problems and also just a nice place to study. There is some noise from tutors answering questions for students, but besides that, it is a calm, centrally-located place to study.


student studying in the business buildingLow Noise Level:

  1. The business building is equipped with brand new study rooms with white boards and TVs available. Though some of these rooms are in the lobby of the building where most of the foot traffic is, they can be closed off to the noise and make a serene place for studying.
  2. The basement and second floor of the library are also great spots to check out if you want a space where talking is minimal. Noise is not permitted in these areas which is perfect for those who can’t concentrate when others are around.
  3. Another serene location on campus is actually multiple locations. All of the buildings on campus are usually open pretty late and available for students to use. A lot of the buildings around campus have both classrooms and labs that are not in use later in the day. These are awesome locations to get work done without distractions.


Hopefully, this helps when you’re looking for a place to study around campus. There are lots of options to fit any type of learner. If you are interested in how to study best, check out these 100 study tips from current college students.

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