What is Southern Utah University Known For?

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Southern Utah University is a college in, you guessed it, southern Utah; Cedar City to be exact. If you’re not familiar with the region then you probably don’t know what SUU is known for. If that’s the case then let us introduce you.

Personalized Education

Southern Utah University is known for the individual experience it offers its students. At SUU it is understood that education is personal and consequently, students are encouraged to create an education that is tailored to their unique needs and dreams. The university does this by providing helpful academic advisors and smaller class sizes. With a 19 to 1 student-faculty ratio, students are able to receive more one-on-one time with professors. Many classes also require students to create individual projects that will help them explore their interests and prepare for careers.

Students have the opportunity to personalize their education through the majors and minors they choose. Not only does SUU have more than 140 undergraduate programs and 21 graduate programs, the university also offers degrees in interdisciplinary studies. In this program, students can build their own diverse majors in which they can study multiple disciplines. Students are also allowed to double minor.

SUU’s top programs include the nursing program which ranked among the top three in the state, business programs, and others such as professional aviation, criminal justice, psychology, outdoor recreation, theater, and biology.

Visual and Performing Arts

Both the visual and performing arts are supported at Southern Utah University. The Utah Shakespeare Festival is a professional theater company that produces high quality theater and works as a part of SUU, and is one reason Cedar City is known as “Festival City, USA.” Due to the Festival, performing arts students are offered hands-on experience and education in the world of professional theater.

The campus is also home to the Southern Utah Museum of Art. This museum exhibits the artwork of local landscape artists, emerging artists, and renowned artists from all over the country. SUMA also showcases the work of students and faculty from the university’s Department of Art and Design.

The Great Outdoors

Because of its location, Southern Utah University has been trademarked as the “University of the Parks.” SUU is known for not only providing its students with amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation, but also experience-based programs like Semester in the Parks. The university is close to a number of national parks and state parks, as well as mountains, lakes, and so much more. These southern Utah sites are great for anything from skiing to backpacking or rock climbing. Whether it’s just some fun in the sun or a degree in outdoor recreation, if you’re looking for adventure, SUU is the place to be.

Community and Involvement 

Southern Utah University offers students an energetic and involved community of students and faculty. With multiple extra-curricular opportunities and clubs, students will be sure to find friends and support in their campus community.

The university is also a big part of the surrounding Cedar City community. The SUU Community Engagement Center gives students easy access to volunteer opportunities and helps them to be involved in their community. SUU provides community education classes where community members can learn new skills and trades.

National Awards and Accolades

Southern Utah University’s commitment to providing relevant, experience-based and personalized education has garnered a variety of national awards and recognition. The University has been recognized as one of the nation’s “Colleges of Distinction” and U.S. News has ranked SUU among the “Best in the West.” The Princeton Review has declared SUU one of the “Best Regional Colleges” on nine occasions and awarded SUU with “America’s Best Value” on four. These are just some of the awards that have given SUU a reputation of excellence.

As you can see, Southern Utah University is known for a lot of things and it offers something different for everyone. In the end, you don’t have to take our word for it, come see what it’s like for yourself!

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