Maskcara Beauty Founder Joins Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

Posted: December 11, 2019 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

Cara BrookSouthern Utah University’s Entrepreneurship Speaker Series welcomed Maskcara Beauty creator and founder Cara Brook in October 2019. Brook, a mother of five and a successful entrepreneur, began the company as a blog in 2013. The company was founded on the idea that makeup should be a tool to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, rather than cover and diminish her individuality.

“I entirely blame the people who supported me for my success. I have relied on their feedback to make so many of my decisions,” said Brook. “As a business owner, it means so much to me to be able to create a happy work environment; to be generous with the people I work with and know that their income is also a source of happiness in their lives.”

As a child, Brook was enamored with ways to make the application of makeup quick, easy, and personal. For her fifth-grade science fair, she even tried to make a mask with makeup pre-applied, so that the wearer could simply put the mask on in the morning and already have their makeup put on.

“It didn’t really work, but even at 11 years old, I could tell that there was a problem with the beauty industry,” said Brook. “Instead of making women feel more beautiful I saw a tendency to make them feel more insecure, by convincing them they needed more and more products and more and more rules to abide by in order to meet the standard.”

This innate intuition and desire to make the world of makeup streamlined and personalized led Brook to develop a four-step process, which made makeup application possible in just minutes, as well as giving a light but full coverage. Her palettes can also be customized based on the wearer’s preferences, making her product accessible to all. 

“I just started making these videos, because, at the time, there were hundreds of beauty blogs,” said Brook. “It was just fun because I wasn’t making any money, I had no idea that it would somehow become a makeup line. It just seemed like something I could do.”

Her company, Maskcara Beauty, was officially established in 2017. From the beginning, Brook knew she wanted to start a company rather than become a makeup artist. Her determination and spirit are what led her company to success, as well as her attention to the people around her. 

Brook summed up her feelings towards her success by saying. “My message is, not that you can ‘do it all’, but if you put the right things first, everything will fit together.”

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is designed to benefit students from all majors as well as community members, with a focus on the guiding principles of “Educate, Experience, and Elevate”.

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