Meet Our Professors: Dr. Jeanne Subjack, Criminal Justice

Posted: April 10, 2020 | Author: Kierstin Pitcher-Holloway | Read Time: 2 minutes

Dr. Jeanne Subjack, associate professor of criminal justiceIt wasn’t until halfway through her doctoral program that Dr. Jeanne Subjack decided to become a criminal justice professor.

“I liked criminal justice and learning about it, but teaching was not conceivable for me,” said Subjack. “I’m actually a pretty shy person, but as part of my doctoral program we had to teach undergraduate classes, and I ended up loving it.”

Subjack says she loves her area of study because it can really make a difference. Many people think they know how the justice system works because of television shows they have seen. Consequently, Subjack believes it is important to help foster a better understanding of the subject and address incorrect beliefs or assumptions.

“Students learn early on that what they think they know may be completely different than reality,” said Subjack. “Educating people on something so important is really rewarding.”

This love for education is evident in Subjack’s teaching style, and if she could tell her students one thing she would tell them to focus on the knowledge they are gaining, rather than obsessing over A’s.

“Focus more on the effort you put into it and the knowledge you’ve gained,” said Subjack. “We’re only human, and we can’t expect perfection. If you need help with something, please reach out. If I could check in on every student individually and spend time with them, I absolutely would. Your professors care, and your grades are never more important than your mental health.”

As an assistant professor of criminal justice, Subjack teaches the following classes at SUU:
  • CJ 1300-01 - Introduction to Corrections
  • CJ 2500-01 - Introduction to CJ Research Methods
  • CJ 3300-01 - Victimology
  • CJ 4200-01-Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 4500-01 - Special Topics: Serial Killers
  • CJ 6720 - Criminal Justice Policy
  • CJ 1010 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 3520 - Gender and Crime
  • CJ 4830 - Readings and Conferences
  • CJ 3400 - Drugs And Crime
  • CJ 2110 - Intro Private Security

For Subjack, the best part of her job is the students:

“It amazes me how compassionate and kind they can be,” said Subjack. “SUU students are some of the funniest, most intelligent, and motivated people I have ever met. And who doesn’t want a job where they actually look forward to going into work every day?"

Learn more about the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at SUU.

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