How to Transition to Online Courses in College

Posted: April 15, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 4 minutes

Transitioning to online courses

If you would have told me one year ago that online classes fit my style of learning, I never would have believed you. Nor did I ever imagine that I would be completing my college degree from the comfort of my own home. But after feeling like I never had a spare second for myself, I came to the conclusion that I needed a change of pace and determined that taking online courses could be a feasible option. As it turns out, the transition to online school has proved to be just the right answer for me.

Making the Switch

Although online courses still require an ample amount of time, not having mandatory attendance at a set time for each class provides flexibility that many students want, and some even need. I am currently a senior at Southern Utah University, and up until this semester had taken all of my courses as a traditional student, on campus in a face-to-face learning environment. You could find me studying in the library, interacting with professors and working with peers on group projects. Despite the fact that I loved my traditional classes, I took the leap and enrolled in the online format.

To be completely transparent, I must add that I was under the impression that online learning only worked for a select group of students, those who were tech-savvy, and didn’t necessarily feel the need to be surrounded by peers throughout the day. Because of this false understanding, I was tentative to jump into the 12-credit load that I had signed up for but decided to take a step into the dark anyways.

Online Support from Professors and Flexibility

Within the first few days of the semester starting my fears subsided as I learned the ins and outs of being an online student. As questions arose in regards to an assignment or essay, I quickly realized that I could receive the same level of one-on-one help from my teachers virtually, just simply in a different format than a traditional student would. One evening, I was struggling with understanding how to complete an assignment and was getting frustrated with my inability to do it correctly. I sent a brief email to the teacher and received a quick, yet helpful and proficient response that aided me in completing it on time. Reaching professors via email is not the only means or approach though. Video calls are personable and easy to execute, making the face-to-face interaction that students often desire possible.

Flexibility of Schedule

Right off the bat I also recognized the flexibility that this new format of learning provided me with. I could read the text, watch the pre-recorded videos, and do the research into the early hours of the morning, or mid-day when I had a few minutes to spare. I was able to start exercising with friends twice a week (when I typically would have had classes scheduled on campus) and spend more time with my family because our schedules didn’t conflict. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your current schedule, don’t hesitate to consider online courses for the upcoming semester.

With the situation that is currently affecting students globally, we must have an open mind to study in new and different ways. Albert Einstein said, “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. As students, we can show our skills and abilities through the way we adapt to this new style of learning, as the world around us is constantly changing.

Reach Out

If earning your degree online is something that interests you, please reach out to one of our admissions officers or enrollment specialists. They can answer your questions, help you throughout the application process, and assist you in reaching your academic and professional goals.


The transition to online teaching might be a challenge, but it comes with many benefits as well. If you need help, reach out and stay connected, advisors, professors, and staff are all there to help students succeed. 

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