What Can You Do With a Joint MAcc/MBA Degree?

Posted: June 22, 2020 | Author: Jason Lo | Read Time: 3 minutes

What can I do with a joint MAcc/MBA degreeSouthern Utah University’s Joint MBA/MAcc Program is designed for students who see career advantages in pursuing both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Accountancy.

A joint degree allows you to earn two different degrees at the same time during your master’s program. This advantage makes individuals much more attractive to employers. But, a joint degree can bring you even more than that. With a joint master’s degree, there are bound to be more job opportunities waiting for you upon graduation. For example, if you graduate with a joint A/B degree, you can find positions that relate solely with the A area of the degree, or that relates directly to area B of the degree. You may also be able to find a career where both skill sets and knowledge are needed.

With a joint degree, you will be able to think and see the world and society in a unique way. In other words, a joint degree makes you more dynamic, helping you to be more creative when solving problems.

What Can You Do With an MBA Degree?

The MBA degree teaches students professional management theories and the implication of the theories. Completion of the MBA program prepares students for higher management positions in their careers. For those who want to be capable candidates for a competitive position, or those who are already a manager but want to develop their skills, the MBA degree is exactly what they are looking for. Learn more about the Master of Business Administration program at SUU.

What Can You Do With a MAcc Degree?

The MAcc degree prepares students to be a qualified public or private accountant. It also provides enough class hours to help students qualify for the CPA exam. Along with a MAcc degree, earning a CPA certificate will play a large role in becoming a professional accountant. The MAcc degree itself offers a professional accounting background that allows you to be an accountant.

What Can You Do With a Joint MBA/MAcc Degree?

After you finish the joint MBA/MAcc degree, you have both management and accounting knowledge and skills. Thus, you can look for a position that needs managerial skills, or accounting skills, or both. For example, graduates may first find themselves a job as an accountant, using the MAcc portion. After several years, they are promoted to a managerial position and use the managerial KSAs from the MBA. Graduates have the necessary managerial skills when the time comes and don’t have to take the MBA classes while working. A joint MBA/MAcc degree accelerates your career. And with a CPA or even CFA, makes graduates more valuable and often comes with a raise in salary.

Joint MAcc/MBA Program at SUU

SUU offers a joint MAcc/MBA to help students reach their goals. Both programs are AACSB accredited and tailored to create the leaders of tomorrow. Students receive time with instructors and real-world experience.

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