What is a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration?

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What is a master's in arts administration? Do you love art, but would rather be managing it instead of creating it? If so, a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration may be the perfect degree for you. Whether your preferred area of art is theatre, dance, visual art, or music, an MFA in arts administration gives graduates a well-rounded, rigorous education. In fact, the mission of Southern Utah University’s Arts Administration program is to develop graduates who balance administrative systems with the creative process in an effort to ensure the artistic integrity and economic sustainability of arts organizations.

What is an MFA in Arts Administration?

Master of Fine Arts degree programs vary between different universities and various areas of concentration. At SUU, the Master of Fine Arts program specializes in arts administration, making the program a unique combination of both arts and business. The MFA track in Arts Administration program at SUU is a very rigorous, two year program, that requires extreme dedication from the student.

What does an Arts Administrator do?

An administrator in the arts has a wide scope of responsibility. Ranging from operations management, finance, marketing, and event planning, all in the context of museums, symphonies, theatres, etc.

What is the curriculum of the MFA track in the Arts Administration program?

The curriculum of the Master of Fine Arts track in Arts Administration program at SUU is meant to give you a well-rounded and thorough education, further instilling a passion for the arts. Here are the classes that you’ll be taking:

  • Principles of Arts Administration
  • Arts Advocacy and Cultural Policy
  • Managing the Finances of Art Organizations
  • Fund Development for Arts Administrators
  • Leadership Development in the Arts
  • Visual and Performing Arts Studies
  • Accounting for Arts Administrators
  • Legal Issues in the Arts
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising and Event Planning
  • Board Relations and Planning
  • Marketing in the Arts I
  • Marketing in the Arts II
  • Professional Development and Projects
  • Professional Arts Internship
  • Capstone: Master of Fine Arts
  • Degree Defense

What are possible careers after the MFA in Arts Administration?

Possible careers are always in the forefront of the decision to pursue any sort of degree. So, here is a list of career paths graduates can take after obtaining an MFA in Arts Administration. Remember though, these are not the only options available. A degree is always what you make of it.

  • Marketing Director or Associate
  • Development Director or Associate
  • Education Director or Associate
  • Executive Director
  • Manager of theatre, museum, symphony, ballet company, etc
  • Events Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Grant Writer
  • Arts Advocate

Growth opportunities in Arts Administration

According to arts.gov, there have been several states with an increased growth rate in the arts. The following is a list provided by arts.gov shows the states with the highest growth rates in performing and visual arts as well as the cultural sector:

  1. Washington State: 11.9 percent
  2. Georgia: 11.1 percent
  3. Utah: 10.2 percent
  4. Nevada: 9.8 percent
  5. California: 7.8 percent
  6. Tennessee: 7.8 percent
  7. New Mexico: 7.7 percent
  8. South Carolina: 7.5 percent
  9. Florida: 7.1 percent
  10. Montana: 6.6 percent

What’s the difference between an MA and an MFA?

Though the MFA and the MA are both tracks in SUU's Arts Administration Program, the MFA is a terminal degree and is designed for individuals who would like to take on-campus, in-person classes, and have more hands-on experience. The MFA program takes two years, with opportunities for assistantships along the way,

Is an MFA in Arts Administration right for you?

If you have a passion for the arts and have a desire to lead, a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration could be right for you. An MFA in Arts Administration at SUU will prepare you for a career in the arts, whether it be visual or performing. Through on-campus classes and assistantships, you’ll be ready to go into the workforce and be successful.

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