Three Steps Online College Students Take After Graduation

Posted: August 28, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Where do online students go after graduation?For an average student, college consists of late nights completing assignments, countless hours in the testing center, hundreds of dollars spent on textbooks, and so much more. After being in school for over 15 years, students are generally eager to get out of the classroom and into their career field of choice. But, despite some similarities in a student's experience, each one likely has a diverse plan upon graduating.

Below are three common paths that online college students take after graduation.

Starting a New Job

As previously mentioned, many students are keen on finding a job immediately after graduation in an effort to pay off student loans, have a break from school, and earn a living. Alumni of Southern Utah University’s online programs have a high placement rate in their desired careers, and are prepared to succeed in their professions partially because of the schooling and experience they have gained at SUU.

Getting a job right after graduation can help students get a jumpstart on professional goals and allows them to forge a future in the industry. Taking advantage of opportunities that arise will prove to be beneficial to you now, and later in your career.

Furthering Education with Graduate School

While many of our online students graduate with their bachelor’s degree and find a job directly upon completing their undergraduate schooling, others yearn to further their education. A portion of SUU’s online alumni seek a graduate degree, whether that be continuing at SUU or attending another institution.

Top Universities describes 10 distinct reasons to go to graduate school, ranging from investing in your future to increasing your financial prospects or even simply to get noticed in today’s job market. Attending graduate school is an investment, but it is one that will likely pay itself off in no time.

Participating in Internships and Assistantships

While it may seem more routine for students to graduate and move directly into their field of choice, it isn’t always the case. Internships and assistantships are a great start for graduates of any program to gain experience in their desired field, learn more about the specific industry, and network with new colleagues. Graduates of SUU Online have found it beneficial to look for internships that could supplement their education.

If you haven’t received a job offer or are still in the process of discovering what is best for your professional goals, this can help you gain direction and a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Endless Opportunities

Although we have discussed three common paths that graduates of online degrees typically follow, graduates are not limited to any of these options--truly, the opportunities are endless. Graduates of SUU Online are equipped with a variety of skills that aid in the workplace.

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