TEDx SUU: Finding Unity in Diversity

Posted: August 06, 2020 | Author: Larissa Beatty | Read Time: 2 minutes

Unity in Diversity

How to completely dry your hands using just one paper towel. How to find happiness. How to spot a liar. Ever wondered the answers to any of these questions? All of them can be found in one place - a TED talk.

TED talks are one of the most popular ways that the world gets “ideas worth spreading.” Presentations from experts cover these topics and thousands more at an annual conference. TED began in 1984 as a crossroads for technology, entertainment, and design topics. 

Today these short, powerful presentations cover every topic imaginable in over 100 languages. These talks are then put on the internet for anyone to benefit from. And SUU is presenting their very own TEDx event this fall.

What is the little x?

That little x is a big deal. It stands for an independently organized TED event. Same idea as a TED conference, but on a smaller scale. It is an opportunity to spark the conversations at a local level; to share ideas that will benefit individual communities. And the idea we feel is important to spread? Unity In Diversity.

In a world full of rifts due to recent events and crippled by the pandemic, more eyes are open to diversity than ever. In this time it’s crucial that we unite to better understand one another. With this underlying theme, unique and important voices from the community will come together on the evening of October 6th, 2020 to present perspectives and solutions that can benefit everyone.

This blog is the behind the scenes of the process of crafting a TEDx conference; from the backgrounds of the expert speakers and the details of their topics to the efforts of the team behind the whole event, as well as Kodak moments from previous TEDx conferences. 

Join with SUU as we present the speakers and sneak peeks of the ideas we think are worth spreading.