Becoming An Aircraft Maintenance Tech During a Pandemic

Posted: September 15, 2020 | Author: Jaidyn Crookston | Read Time: 4 minutes

SUU Aviation Technician students

The world has changed a lot in the last few months, and many potential aircraft maintenance technician students have asked whether now is still a good time to become an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT)This is a legitimate concern. Many industries have changed or shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic and it can be difficult to know what will still be around when the world goes back to normal. 

So, is it still a good time to become an aircraft maintenance technician? 

The answer is YES, it’s still a great time to become an AMT. There are many reasons why it’s still a good time to start AMT school and become a mechanic. 

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Demand

Even though the pandemic has changed a lot of things in the aviation industry, that doesn’t mean there will always be less demand for maintenance technicians. Airplanes and helicopters are still being flown every day, and there is still a huge upcoming demand for A&P mechanics. That demand is expected to stay because airplanes and helicopters will continue to be flown and will always need to be maintained.  

Aircraft are used in so many different industries today. Whether it’s for big airlines, small companies, tours, or flight schools, mechanics will be needed to maintain the thousands of aircraft that fly every day.  

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Opportunities

Before COVID-19, there were more aircraft mechanic jobs available than could be filled. While these job opportunities stalled for a little while (just like almost every other industry), the job market has begun to recover and more jobs are being listed for maintenance technicians every day. 

In fact, Southern Utah University Aviation is hiring qualified A&P Mechanics right now, and so are many other schools, airlines, and aviation companies. Because technicians are in such high demand, there will continue to be plenty of job opportunities for those entering the industry. 

Time Until Entering the Workforce

Becoming an AMT doesn't happen overnight. It’s still going to take a lot of time and effort to make that dream a reality. When you start going to AMT school it’s going to take about two years for you to graduate and get your A&P license. 

This means that even if you were to start training today, it will still be two years before you’re ready to get a job as a fully licensed mechanic. So the industry and the world will have two years to recover from the pandemic. Within two years, chances are that the pandemic will be over, or at least greatly improved, so the industry will be ready for you. 

Most other career paths take much longer than two years for a student to be ready to get a job. You have a great advantage when you choose to become an A&P Mechanic because you’ll be able to get a job as a fully qualified mechanic much sooner than most of your classmates. 

SUU AMT school Aviation students hands on the job
How AMT Schools are Handling the Pandemic 

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, and just like with other universities, colleges, and trade schools, AMT schools have had to make adjustments to how students will be taught during upcoming semesters. 

SUU Aviation is doing everything possible to keep students and faculty safe during this uncertain time. SUU Aviation is offering the first semester of the maintenance program completely online for those who are stuck in quarantine or would prefer online instruction. This means that even during a worldwide pandemic, you don’t have to wait to start your aircraft maintenance training. You can get started completely online.

Looking for an Aviation Maintenance Technician School

If you want to become an A&P Mechanic and are looking for an AMT school, SUU Aviation is one of the top AMT schools in the nation and offers the firsts semester of AMT training completely online for those who can’t or don't want to come to the campus.

Produced by SUU Aviation

The university's fleet includes 16 airplanes, 23 helicopters by the end of 2020, and state of the art maintenance training facilities. SUU Aviation offers advanced and relevant flight training in the safest and most efficient way possible. The program continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry, training tomorrow's aviation leaders.

With SUU Aviation, you’ll get a high-quality education and have the experience needed to get a job as a mechanic when you graduate. 

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