What Jobs Can I Get As An Aircraft Maintenance Technician?

Posted: September 21, 2020 | Author: Jaidyn Crookston | Read Time: 5 minutes

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While looking into AMT programs, I’ve heard many potential students ask what jobs are available for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. You’re probably wondering the same thing. 

There are plenty of jobs to choose from when you become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT). Because the aviation industry in general and AMTs specifically are in such high demand, there will likely be plenty of jobs available throughout your career, so you can rest easy knowing that your profession is secure and will be for years to come. 

I think it’s important to enter a career that you know will be secure, because that gets rid of the worry so many people feel when they enter an unstable profession and don’t know whether it will be around in a few more years. Becoming an AMT is a great way to get rid of this worry, because we know that AMTs are going to be around for a very long time. 

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Even though the aviation industry was hit hard by COVID-19, it is expected to recover and continue to grow in the near future. This means that aircraft will still be flown and will be in high demand. Because technicians are crucial to maintaining aircraft and keeping them safe to fly, AMTs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Working as an AMT means that you’ll be combining physical work with technical aviation knowledge and mechanical skills. There are many different types of jobs you can get, but almost all of them will have the same basic goal—to maintain and repair aircraft and ensure its pilots’ and passengers’ safety. 

Most jobs will be within the aviation industry as a whole, but there are many different types of jobs within this industry.

So what jobs can you get as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician(AMT)? 

  • Commercial airlines
  • Flight schools
  • Freight carriers
  • Military/government 
  • Private companies
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Local airports
  • Private aircraft owners
  • Air Force bases 
  • Tour companies 
  • Air medical 

Where you work as an AMT determines how much money you’ll make and the benefits you’ll receive. The more experience you have and the more aircraft you’re able to competently maintain, the more money you’ll make as a mechanic. On average, an AMT makes nearly $50,000 a year, according to Aircraft Mechanic Salary in the United States article on salary.com. If you want to work on jets, that number goes up to between $76,000 and $98,000 per year, according to Aircraft Mechanic (Jet) Salary in the United States article on salary.com. Your experience level, years in the field, and education will help determine how much money you make. 

Every company or organization that flies airplanes or helicopters needs aircraft mechanics. AMTs are essential for these companies because they are the ones who clear aircraft for flight and keep them working properly. Without aircraft mechanics, the aviation industry would come to a halt. 

There are different paths you can take as an AMT. If you want to work for the military, you may be required to join the AirForce. If working for the military isn’t something you want to do, there are lots of civilian AMT jobs available through airports, flight schools, airlines, air medical, tour companies, aircraft manufacturers, and many more. 

To find high paying jobs as an AMT, you need to be willing to relocate and move to where the jobs are offered. This is especially true when you’re a new mechanic without much experience. Once you’ve established yourself as a good, reliable mechanic, you won’t have to worry so much about moving around to find a job. You should be able to settle down and focus on what you love as a mechanic rather than trying to get more experience. 

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Other jobs for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians: 

The aviation industry isn’t your only option when looking for a job as an AMT. Aircraft Maintenance Technicians hold an A&P license, and other industries also like to hire people with this certification.

Another common option you have as an AMT is to work for an amusement park. The same basic principles and maintenance techniques that apply to aircraft also apply to amusement park rides, which is why amusement parks (such as Disneyland) love to hire AMTs. 

Some other industries that like to hire AMTs include the railroad, auto companies, hospitals, and ski resorts. All these industries and more have technical systems that need to be maintained. AMTs have the right knowledge to maintain these systems, which is what makes them valuable to these industries. 

If you want to become an AMT because you love airplanes and helicopters, then you’ll probably want to stay in the aviation industry as an aircraft maintenance technician. If you want to become an AMT because you love to fix things, you can broaden your job search and find related industries that hire those with an A&P license. You’ll have plenty of options when you become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. 

As a writer for Southern Utah University of Aviation, I’ve learned a lot about Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and what programs are available to those wanting to become an AMT. From my research, I can honestly say that SUU Aviation is one of the top AMT schools in the nation and is uniquely prepared to help you enter the industry within two years as a highly qualified, professionally trained technician. I highly recommend looking into this program and letting them help you become the AMT you want to be.  

You can contact SUU Aviation today to learn more about the program or to learn about the jobs you can get as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. If I were you, I’d grab hold of this opportunity and run with it. 

With SUU Aviation, you’ll get a high-quality education and have the experience needed to get a job as a mechanic when you graduate. 

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