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Posted: September 30, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Frequently asked questions about online degreesOnline degrees have become more popular in recent years, and even more so now with the move to online and remote learning. If you are curious about earning a degree completely online, here are the answers to some of the top asked questions about online education:

Are online degrees respected?

Absolutely online degrees are respected. The degree that you worked so hard for is much more valuable to employers than the manner in which you obtained it. Although there are differences in online and face-to-face classes, learning is taking place and a variety of skills are being gained.

According to GetEducated, “Online education is no longer the future. It’s right now. Employers are embracing online education in record numbers. Unlike a decade ago, employers no longer automatically perceive online degrees or distance education as inferior or second class.”

Will it say on my transcript or diploma that I was an online student?

Universities do not specify the format in which the degree was earned, whether that be online or on-campus. An online graduate’s transcripts will be exactly the same as a traditional student’s transcripts.

“Southern Utah University’s online degrees have the same accreditation as our on-campus programs," said Levi Price, SUU Online and Graduate Admissions Office. "For the 2018-2019 year SUU graduates with a bachelor’s degree saw a 74% employment rate and our master’s graduates saw a 100% employment rate. Due to the fact that our online degrees have the same accreditation as our-on campus ones, the method in which you earn your degree is inconsequential."

Do you still interact with the professor and/or classmates?

Interaction with peers and professors is in large part up to each student. Of course, there will be some classes that require group projects or a meeting with the professor one-on-one, but the majority of the time if students don’t feel the need to reach out for help, they can complete the work on their own. Due to the fact that many online students work part or full-time, this style of individualized learning fits their needs and desires for earning their degree.

Do I have to be online during specific times to view the lectures and/or earn a participation grade?

When signing up for a course at an institution it will typically state whether it is remote or online. Remote classes require students to access the university’s learning platform (ie: Canvas) at a specific time to listen to a lecture or participate in a class discussion. Online learning takes a slightly different approach, giving students added flexibility with no synchronous sessions or classes that they must attend at a certain time each day or week. Online courses generally have all the modules posted on the learning system from the day the semester starts, allowing for students to work and study at the pace that works best for them. Of course, there will be some deadlines, but if a student wants to get things done ahead of time, they can do so.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions or specific needs as an online student?

Being an online student does not mean limited resources to help you succeed. If you have questions about a specific course, reach out to your professor, and if that isn’t enough, ask the program director or dean to offer their expertise.

At Southern Utah University, the Online Admissions office is ready to help with any questions students may have ranging from transcripts to academic progress, advising, and much more.

Are online classes harder or easier than on-campus classes?

Best colleges online stated, “if you’re expecting a class to be easier just because you’re taking it online, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Online classes are no easier than classes offered in the traditional classroom setting…”

The same source listed three reasons for why this is true. 1) Online courses require more self-motivation, 2) The workload for online and offline classes is the same, and 3) schools must maintain a standard, so the curriculum is the same for all formats.

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