Building a Network in Online Classes to Land Your First Job

Posted: September 28, 2020 | Author: Addison Love | Read Time: 3 minutes

Jobs after graduating with an online degreeAs students graduate and enter the workforce, there can be challenges in the shift from studying to working. While this transition can be difficult for any student, it can be especially intimidating for online students. One of those unique challenges is building a network, here’s how to overcome it and land a job after graduation with an online degree.

What Challenges Do Online Graduates Face?

Online students have incredible advantages like flexibility, personalization of work methods, and the freedom to work while attending school. However, with these advantages come some tradeoffs. For instance, most in-person students graduate with a network of fellow alumni and professors they know well. They have an accessible support system for further guidance in their career path. In contrast, many online students do not graduate with this support system due to the asynchronous nature of their coursework. While it may seem like this is a disadvantage, these challenges are far from insurmountable!

How To Land Your First Job After Graduating With an Online Degree

It’s easy to feel alone in a sea of chaos immediately after graduation. And that feeling can be especially poignant when students may not know anyone else in their field. The simplest remedy for this problem is prevention. Students should take advantage of ALL resources provided to them while attending an online university. This is not just true of the degree itself or the knowledge gained, but also relationships with professors and students.

Just because students are not physically in a classroom does not mean real professional relationships cannot be established. Many online professors establish online office hours that allow students to use video conferencing to have real-time conversations about courses and even career ambitions. Professors are just as much a part of a student's life in an online university as they are in a face-to-face setting. They are incredible sources for guidance and making professional connections, during school and after graduation.

In the same sense, classes also contain actual classmates! Though a student may be alone in an office, bedroom, or another location, they are definitely not alone. Students should make an effort to get to know their online classmates via discussion boards and group projects. There are opportunities to build valuable relationships with other people in the same area of study. This can lead to business partnerships, sound advice, and even future job opportunities. Classmates are one of a student's greatest ally going into the professional world after graduation.

While it may seem intimidating looking for work after graduation, online students can have just as much power in their corner as their in-person counterparts. Anyone looking for a job must learn how to utilize their tools, connections, and skills. This is just as true for online students as it is for in-person students. Remember that professors and classmates are available as resources even after graduation.

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